Saturday Snippets | January 17, 2015

Welcome to Saturday Snippets.  This is where I share links and odd bits of info from the past week.

Serial1. For those who have listened to the Serial Podcast, here’s an interview with Jay, the Key Witness.  For those of you who haven’t, get listening!!! It’s really good.

2. “The First Grader,” directed by Justin Chadwick and written by Ann Peacock, tells the remarkable true story of Kimani Ng’ang’a Maruge, an illiterate member of the Kikuyu tribe in Kenya who enrolled in a rural primary school in 2003, when he was 84. 

3.  I recently mentioned to Mike that I would like to take a ‘Reading Vacation’.  No, not a vacation from reading, but a vacation where all you do is read.  Ah, bliss.  And I’m not the only one thinking about this.

4. It’s still the first month of the year.  Here’s a bit of a spin on the traditional New Year’s Resolutions.

5.  This just made me laugh.

Well that’s all the snippets I have for today.  Have a wonderful Saturday,





Okay, two things:

1.  I would never let myself be hypnotized by a cat and,
2.  I certainly would never, never, never, never, ever give my biscuits to a cat (or anybody).  Never!

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2 Responses to Saturday Snippets | January 17, 2015

  1. Carol says:

    Just let yourself relax, Grace. You are feeling more and more relaxed. Every word that I utter is putting you faster and deeper, and faster and deeper, into a deep, peaceful state of relaxation. When I count to five, you will walk over to the shelf, knock over the treat bag, and bring one to me….

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