Today I’m Thankful for…

  • for my sewing machine. Oh the joy of putting two pieces of fabric together and creating something.
  • for faithful friends. They all bring me such great joy.
  • for my iPhone. It’s my camera, phone, calendar, timer, exercise tracker, access to the internet, knit row counter, blog tracker, note keeper and countless number of apps buddy.
  • for blogging.  I love to write, I love to share my love of crafts and dogs, and I love to help and encourage people.
  • for my husband’s support.  He is my favorite of all time in the history of forever.
  • for God’s love through Jesus. I love because He first loved me.
  • for my dogs. Each are unique and each bring me great delight every day.
  • for Greek yogurt. It’s low carb and high protein and a wonderful treat.
  • for my Quest46 list. Gives me direction, pushes me away from procrastination and hopefully is a blessing to others.
  • for my home. We’ve lived in our house for 24 years and it brings me great peace and comfort.
  • for coffee and tea.  My two favorite beverages.
  • for my doctor. She’s so awesome. Helped me navigate the diabetes road this past year and loves Jane Austen.
  • for the library. I get an absurd amount of happiness by going to the library. All the information available for free!
  • for my kindle. Books in the blink of an eye.  Astounding!
  • for my nieces and nephews. I have 7 ranging in age from 26-10 and they’re all fantastic!
  • for my family. An incredible bunch of people who I happen to be related to.
  • for daily walks. Refreshing, renewing and good exercise.
  • for insulin. Didn’t think I’d ever be thankful for insulin, but I am.
  • for books. They transport me when I want to get away, instruct me when I want to learn and comfort me when I’m sad.

What are you thankful for today?






I’m thankful for kibble, treats, mom, a warm bed, walks, kibble, naps, dad, cuddly blankets, treats, oh and Woody and Mindy.  I’m sure they’ll say the same.


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