Surprise Mini Give-away #2 {30 Days of Christmas Ornaments}

30 Days Christmas OrnamentsI want to thank everyone who has taken part in the {30 Days of Christmas Ornaments} Give-away so far.  It’s been so much fun reading your responses and connecting with old and new friends alike.

It’s time for Mini-Give-away #2.  (Here are the details if this is your first time visiting this blog.)

WWMD Dog Paw Winner

Today’s winner of the 2nd mini give-away is: Mary Jane

Congratulations Mary Jane!  Grace







I’m so happy for Mary Jane that my ear flipped up!  I don’t want to influence your pick, but the dog-themed ones are awesome.

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2 Responses to Surprise Mini Give-away #2 {30 Days of Christmas Ornaments}

  1. Thank you, believe it or not we are already decorating. Takes a long time to get up our trees. We borrowed 2 from Denise making a grand total of 5 trees this year and lots of Nativity Scenes to remember why we celebrate Christmas!

    • gracieed says:

      You’re very welcome. And I believe that you’ve started decorating. I love that you have themed trees. You’ll have to put some pics on Facebook when they’re all done.

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