Saturday Snippets | November 8, 2014

Welcome to Saturday Snippets.  This is where I share links and odd bits of info from the past week.

rachelryle1.  I recently discovered Rachel Ryle, an Award winning Illustrator and Animator.  You can see her work at  This is one of my favorites.

CoffeeSquare_44x442.  Do you work better with ambient sounds?  Say the sounds of a coffee shop or a lunchtime diner.  According to, most people do.  I’m not one of them, but if you are, there’s an app for you.

3.  I’m fascinated with how people efficiently use space, and this 86 square foot apartment in Paris in no exception.  (And no, 86 square feet is not a typo)  I would be faced with the paralyzing decision of where to store my craft supplies and where to put my dogs.  Okay it’s settled, I won’t live in Paris in a super tiny apartment.


Death comes to Pemberley4.  Death Comes to Pemberley by P.D. James is describes as “a rare meeting of literary genius: P. D. James, long among the most admired mystery writers of our time, draws the characters of Jane Austen’s beloved novel Pride and Prejudice into a tale of murder and emotional mayhem.” –

And now it’s been made into a mini-series by  Episode 1 is available here.

5.  Need a color palette?  Explore all for all things color. You can create your own palettes or download ones that other people have created.  Here are some of my favorites.

Color UnlikeColor Granny SmithColor Friends and Foe

Don’t forget to checkout today’s {30 Days of Christmas Ornaments} post to enter the Giveaway for 30 Christmas Ornaments.

Well that’s all the snippets I have for today.  Have a wonderful Saturday,






I think I would generate a beautiful color palette.

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