Quest 46 | Crochet a Ripple Blanket

Quest46LogoItem #5:  A Ripple Blanket??? What’s that????

As you know, creating and making stuff brings me a lot of joy.  I can trace this compulsion back to when I was 4 and my mom gave me a set of sewing cards and some yarn.  From there I tried crochet, knitting, painting, sewing, needlework, glass etching, took metal and wood shop in Jr. High, stamping, papercrafting, beading, jewelry making, soap making and I’m sure a few more things I’ve forgotten about.

Attic24 Ripple Blanket2So when I sat down to put together my Quest46 list, I had to include a crafts category.  I’m constantly finding projects on Pinterest and through blogs that I add to my “To Do” list.  I’m well aware that my “To Do” list will outlive me, but that’s okay, I keep adding ideas every day.

Attic24 Ripple BlanketOne of the bloggers I follow is Lucy from Attic24.  She’s an incredibly talented crocheter who creates beautiful blankets, bags, flowers, birds, leaves, you name it-if you can crochet it, she has a tutorial for it.  Her patterns and tutorials are very easy to understand (and I believe they’re all free) and her use of color in her work is inspiring.  And I’ve wanted to make one of her Ripple Blankets for a few years now.  Isn’t that breathtaking????


IMG_0690So in the 365 days following my 46th birthday (in November), I will crochet a Ripple Blanket using this collection of yarn.  I keep out living room furniture covered with blankets and quilts because of the dogs and I’m ready for a change.  I’m not sure how long it will take me to make this, but crochet tends to be quick so I might make two – one for the couch and one for our bed.  We’ll see.




Just want you to know – we love blankets because we LOVE sleeping on the couch especially when our friends stay over.IMG_4096

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