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I happen to think that blogs are just about the most wonderful thing on the internet.  Anyone can start one and you need very little to start:  a computer, an internet connection and an idea.  If you’re consistent, provide good content and interact with your readers you’ll get a following and then the possibilities are endless.  There are books and tutorials written about all the ins and outs of blogging.  There are annual conferences devoted to gathering bloggers from all over the world.  And speaking of global – blogging has a way of making our world much smaller.  I’ve had people reading my blog from countries I’ve never heard of.  I’m a bit over the moon with this blogging thing!

So with that in mind, here are ten blogs that I read everyday and wait with great anticipation for upcoming content.

EliseBlaha1.  www.eliseblaha.typepad.com.  Elise writes a personal and craft blog and shares her life and family with her readers.  She has a wonderful style and approach to projects and takes the best pictures.

Attic242.  www.attic24.com.  Lucy lives in the north of England and is a prolific crocheter.  Her love of color rivals mine and her creativity is inspiring.  She is also an amazing photographer and the part of the world where she lives doesn’t disappoint with its beauty.

CraftSanity Looms3.  www.craftsanity.com.  I’ve been following Jennifer since 2007.  She’s a journalist/crafter living in Michigan with her family.  She’s written several craft books, makes weaving looms and wears aprons every chance she gets.  She teaches crafts and journalism and has a podcast that is excellent.  I love her style and approach to crafts.

Ami4.  www.amisimms.wordpress.com.  The blog is called Through the Eyes of A Quilter and the author is Ami Simms.  Ami is a passionate quilter, dog lover and just about the funniest blogger I know.  She often talks her dog, Scooter, into writing some of her blog posts and they’re always entertaining.

WildOlive5. www.wildolive.blogspot.com.  Mollie describes herself as a crafter and illustrator of cute things.  And she is right.  She designs embroidery patterns that are adorable and whimsical.  She puts faces on everything even coffee cups, globes, death stars and pickles.  It doesn’t get more adorable that a death star with a grin.

TheFrugalGirl6.  www.thefrugalgirl.com.  Kristen generously shares her frugal ideas and teaches people how to live on less (cheerfully).  She is a very talented writer and photographer and has demonstrated, quite effectively, how to live contently with less.  Oh, and her homemade yogurt recipe is the best!

BEMoreWithLess7.  www.bemorewithless.com.  Courtney writes about living a simple life that is full.  She is such an inspiration because she writes about what she knows and she is a huge encourager for other bloggers.

WendyKnits8.  www.wendyknits.net.  Wendy is an amazing designer/knitter/author.  I’ve followed her for years and am constantly amazed with her designs and creativity.  And she is a super fast knitter that tackles the most complex patterns.  As a knitter, I can only hope to be as good as she is one day.

ClipNCuts9.  www.clips-n-cuts.com.  Vicky Papaioannou is a card maker/art journaler who lives in Greece with her family.  She regularly releases Youtube videos demonstrating her card making and art journaling.  She’s very creative and very down to earth.  And I just love her accent.  I could listen to her all day.

WilnaF10.  www.wilnaf.com.  Wilna Furstenberg is a designer/photographer/artist/scrapbooker who is originally from South Africa.  She makes video tutorials of her scrapbook pages and she is another one of those bloggers that I could listen to all day.  I just love her accent and her voice.  Very soothing.  She designs and teaches art classes through 2Peas in a Bucket and through her own blog.  She’s an excellent teacher, amazing photographer and a lover of dogs.  I seem to be drawn to animal lovers.

These are only a drop in the bucket in terms of the number of blogs I follow, but they are some of my most favorites.  I encourage you to check them out or find others that inspire you and move you to create.  Believe me, there’s something for everyone out there!

I’d love to hear what blogs you like to follow.  Leave a comment and let me know.

Til the next time,



IMG_5183“Hey mama – just hanging out here while you finish reading your blogs.  Have you read any lately that show you how to make dog treats.  That would be nice.  Of course, I love your blog the best – mostly ’cause I’m in it a lot.”

Vicky Papaioannou
Vicky Papaioannou
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