My new favorite thing

Want to know what my new favorite thing is?  It’s the library!

Now I know the library isn’t a new thing and as a kid I certainly used it a lot, but not as an adult.  I remember taking a cooking class at our local library, spending many hours researching for papers and checking out tons of mystery books to devour.  In college, the library was my favorite place to be.  We had several on our campus, some brand new with all the bells and whistles, but some really old with rooms of books that made you feel like you were in the catacombs.  Libraries are so quiet and peaceful and full of more knowledge than anyone person could consume in a lifetime.

IMG_0683Why I haven’t taken advantage of our library as an adult is a bit of a mystery.  No real reason, I just haven’t, until now.  Armed with my cool lime-green library card, I’ve been spending some quality time reacquainting myself with the atmosphere, the services and most importantly, the books.

A lot has changed since I was ten.  Most everything is automated and computerized.  Our branch has a self-checkout system using barcodes.  The best feature is that you can go online, find the book you want and ‘request it’.  Even if the book is not at your local branch, they will retrieve it from another branch and let you know via email when it’s ready to pick up.  Requires patience, but I can’t tell you how excited I get when I receive those emails.  You can also renew your books online from the comfort of your own home.  I only live a half mile from my local branch, but it’s nice that I don’t have to venture very far to renew my books.

Another handy service is e-books, specifically e-books for the Kindle.  You’re able to download the e-book and ‘borrow’ them in the same manner you would ‘borrow’ a paper book.  So cool!

IMG_0809I went through my Amazon book wish list and started searching for those books in the library catalog.  I found a few and started ‘requesting’ like crazy.  The system tells you how many people have requested this book before you and gives you an idea of how long you’ll have to wait.  Pretty handy.







“I hope this reading thing isn’t going to get in the way of our playtime.”

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1 Response to My new favorite thing

  1. I moved to the Cape four years ago from a small city- so it truly was like moving from day to night. I took comfort in things around me-landscapes, community buildings (eg: the library), instead of seeking out material-esque vices, such as shopping. I was a hop skip and a jump away from a library and I knew all about the internet system, and “ordering” books, and I pretty much introduced my ex boyfriend to the concept of a fucking library at all. He wasn’t a reader unless i told him to read something-and i did, Night by Elie Wiesel. Guess what- this sparked his non existant love for reading! I know- what a book to do such a thing as that. but really. AND he could get DVDS there (i mean, I had for 2 years-who did he think was providing all the entertainment each night- Santa? Jesus!) “It’s like the best kept secret.” he said.
    LOVE LOVE anything & everything in the library. Great post!

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