A Month of Challenges – Day 28 (December 28)

Life is starting to return to normal.  And by normal I mean Christmas festivities are coming to a close, decorations are going back into their boxes and my days are returning to a more predictable ebb and flow.  As much as I love Christmas, I am looking forward to what lies ahead.

  • My December Daily journal entry will be about hanging out with my niece Emilie today.  My brother texted me last night to find out if I was available so that Emilie could hang out with me today.  She’s not back at school yet and her folks both work.  Thankfully I was available.  Times like this I love not having a fixed place to be everyday so I can be around for days like today.
  • buddyToday’s photo challenge:  “gratitude”. I know you’re thinking, “she’s grateful for dogs”, but I’m actually thinking how grateful I am for how people trust me to take care of their precious pets.  This is Buddy, by the way. Isn’t he awesome?

Until tomorrow,  Grace






ellie and buddy“Hey mom, you know I don’t mind lending my bed to the guests, but I really think it would be easy all around if you would just make one for each dog that stays here.  That way we can all be comfy.”


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1 Response to A Month of Challenges – Day 28 (December 28)

  1. Aww Buddy is a sweet soul. And yes, I love love love Christmas but in my family Christmas often equals drama…. in some way or another. So yes also glad to be getting back to normal. Kirby got lots of awesome stuff though! I put a video up of it! I would say being trusted with one’s pets and children (even though I know you are her aunt) is quite a great thing to be thankful for, as it definitely isn’t the case for many! 🙂 Hugs to your dogs form mine! -Lea and Kirby

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