Pinterest 365 – Day 22 – Salami Rolls

We spend Thanksgiving at Mike’s mom and dad’s and usually bring a sweet potato casserole and an appetizer.  I’m sure like most families there are signature dishes that only appear on Thanksgiving or Christmas and our feast is no different.  The appetizers have been pretty consistent over the years, but every now and then we like to try something new.  My mom introduced me to the appetizer I’m making today and you’ll find it along with many yummy others on my Food-Appetizers board on Pinterest.

There are only 3 ingredients:  salami, cream cheese and green onions.  Easy to make, a little time consuming, but worth the effort.  I usually make a whole plate and they’re gobbled up in a matter of minutes.

Basically you cut your green onions into thin slices to fit the diameter of your salami slices.  You don’t need a lot of onion, just enough to get the flavor.  You then smear the salami slice with a bit of cream cheese, lay the onion across the middle, roll that baby up and secure it with a toothpick.  Easy, peasy.  Mike helped me today by prepping all the salami slices with cream cheese.  Thanks hon!

What are your favorite Thanksgiving dishes? 


“Hey mom, make those without the onions and the toothpicks and I know Ellie and I would be eternally grateful.”

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