Pinterest 365 – Day 19 – Acorn Garland

We have an oak tree in our backyard and this year it’s blessed us with a bumper crop of acorns.  When I’m not prying them out of the mouths of curious doggies, I’m gathering the acorns up so they don’t take root and grace us with several hundred little oak trees.

This year, however, I was pleased to have so many beautiful acorns to choose from.  Some friends of mine and I are going to be decorating a Christmas tree at the local zoo and we decided to have all of our decorations based on Pinterest inspiration.  We’re called the Pinterest Pals.  While the acorn garland I found on Pinterest is an advertisement for a garland for sale on Etsy, it gave me the idea of using my acorns for a garland for our tree.

Today, I put the finishing touches on our garland.  I originally collected the acorns and washed them.  I then spray-painted them gold and silver.  I took a gold acorn and a silver acorn and hot-glued them together.  I then wrapped hemp twine around the two glued acorns and added a colorful button on either side.  I did this every 12″ on the length of twine and have completed about 30 feet so far.  I’ll spend the rest of tonight finishing the rest of the acorns and will probably end up with about 60 feet of garland.  I think that will be enough for our tree.

After our tree is decorated I will share pictures with you.  Until then, are you getting ready for Christmas decorating yet? 



“Yeah, when you pry them out of our mouths….  We’re not so crazy about that.”

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