Fifty Days to 50: “Socks for Dobby” Christmas tree

Yesterday I wrote about being excited for the changes and new paths that will emerge as I approach 50.  Changes can come in all shapes, sizes and intensity and I’ll admit, I’m not very good with change.  I enjoy the comfortable dependability of our traditions and knowing what to expect.  I think we can agree that life just isn’t that simple.  I like to think that I’ve improved in my handling of change over the years, but it’s still a struggle.

About six years ago I wrote a blog post about our Christmas Wall tree.  I love our wall tree now, mostly because of the circumstances that led us to choosing a wall tree.  (I’ll give you a guess:  it involves dogs)  But it was a change to my annual Christmas decorating plans that required flexibility and creativity because we had always had our tradition of  picking a tree from the Christmas tree lot.  I loved the smell of fresh pine, the cozy feel the tree gave our living room and, of course, getting out all the decorations and spending an afternoon stringing glitter yarn and hanging ornaments.  There are so many memories wrapped up in our ornaments and I enjoy the trip down memory lane. We made the leap to the Wall Tree (out of necessity) over 15 years ago and haven’t looked back.  There’s no smell of fresh pine, but I’ve found some cool candles that solve that problem ;-).  And our living room is still Christmas cozy, but now with more space.

That little rabbit trail brings me to today.  I’ve decided to changes things up a bit with our Wall Tree this year.  Quite frankly, I’m ready for a change.  I still love the tree, but Woody and Ellie are no longer with us and the memory of them is intertwined in the tree.  I’m still going to string the glitter yarn and lights, but it’s going to be a “Socks for Dobby” tree.  Let me rewind….

For several months now, Mike and I have been reading through the Harry Potter books.  He had read them all, but I hadn’t (I’ve seen all the movies). We’re currently in The Order of the Phoenix.  We finish a book and then watch the movies.  I have to say the movies are much more meaningful after reading the books.  By now we’ve been introduced to Dobby the House Elf and his “freedom producing” sock.

If you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you’ll know I’m a knitter and I love knit-a-longs because of the challenge and commraderie they bring.  Back in September, Denise of the Earthtones Girl Podcast started a #minisockgarlandkal (KAL=knit-a-long) encouraging us to knit two mini socks each week for 12 weeks.  I was late to the party, but last week starting knitting my mini socks like a crazy woman to catch up.  I fully intended to make a sock garland for our mantel.  To join in with the fun, I hung each sock on my wall tree, took a picture and posted my progress to Instagram.  I currently have 5 socks.  The socks are still on the tree and here’s where my plans have changed.








I’ve decided to make a “Socks for Dobby” Christmas Wall Tree this year.  I’ll need more than 24 socks (possibly 50 ;-)) but at my current pace that shouldn’t be a problem.  I’ll still get out my ornaments and figure out another way to display them, but for this year I love the idea of a sock tree.  I can always string the socks into a garland in the future, but for now I love the plan that has emerged along the way.

Can’t wait to show you our “Socks for Dobby” Wall Tree when it’s finished.

Until tomorrow,





“Please tell me you’re not making me any socks.  I don’t do socks.”

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2 Responses to Fifty Days to 50: “Socks for Dobby” Christmas tree

  1. Bettsi says:

    What a fun project! Your socks are Adorable ! ❤️

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