Make Madness 2018 – Day 16 | Decoupaged Easter Eggs

In preparation for Make Madness, I found a slew of cardboard eggs that I had great plans for at one time.  While I had my napkin collection out for Day 12 (Mini Lined Envelopes), I decided to use them to decoupage these eggs.

I chose a napkin with vintage writing, butterflies and flowers (a Parisian feel), cut it into strips and used a 50/50 solution (50% Mod Podge/50% water) to glue on the napkins.  Full strength Mod Podge can be a little too much for the thin napkins and cause them to tear.  After they were completely covered, I set them to dry and then added another coat of glue because I wanted to coat them in glitter.  I chose silver, goal and iridescent glitters.








After I’ve finished a few more, these will look lovely in a glass vase maybe surrounded by twinkly lights.  I love the vintage look and how the plain cardboard plays against all the glitter.

Until tomorrow,





Hey that glitter is almost as shiny as my coat.  Not quite, but close.

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