Make Madness 2018 – Day 14 | Sock Gnomes

A couple of months ago I found a tutorial (video below) on Facebook that showed how to make Christmas gnomes out of socks.  Specifically those fuzzy socks that look like slippers.  The end result was super cute and today I thought I’d give it a whirl.

I followed Jenny’s instructions and while her gnomes are really detailed and adorable, I was pretty happy with my result.  I used a faux fur for the beard on the gray gnome and braided some yarn for the pigtails on the pink gnome.








Until tomorrow,








So gnomes?  Not sure what they are, but they look fun.

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2 Responses to Make Madness 2018 – Day 14 | Sock Gnomes

  1. They are absolutely adorable. Well done 🙂

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