Make Madness 2018 – Day 9 | All about the Heels!

Since making my drawstring bag yesterday for the As Time Goes By sock pattern by Susan Burzynski  I decided to spend today putting the heel in as well as the heels on another pair of socks.

My nephew gave me the book Sock Architecture by Lara Neel for Christmas a couple of years ago and I’ve been wanting to work through all the different constructions of socks.  There seem to be a bazillion!






Today’s two heels were made in two different ways.  The heel on the As Time Goes By socks is a short row garter ridge and the heels of my vanilla socks (which I’m calling A Sunny Day at the Beach) are made with the Fish Lips Kiss Heel pattern by the Sox Therapist.  This is an amazing pattern for only $1 because while it shows you how to construct the heel it also tells you about the history of sock making and walks you through making a pattern for the specific dimensions of your foot.  I found it fascinating and additionally it’s a wonderful heel because you don’t have to pick up stitches like you do with the traditional heel, flap and gusset heel construction.  I’ve made that traditional construction using a pattern/tutorial by Stacy of Very Pink Knits.

I loved both the short row and the Fish Lips Kiss Heel and plan to try other heels that are found in the Sock Architecture book.

Here’s today’s video showing the results of my efforts.


Until tomorrow,








We know how to heel. We don’t always do it, but we know how.

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