Nine Today

Mindy turns 9 today.  In honor of her special day, I thought I would tell you the Nine Reasons I Love Mindy.


01d6b0189448943bfe1e6c257324a01911dd6046c31.  She gets sooooo excited when we get ready to go for a walk.  Everyday.  Like it is the first time every time.  I love her enthusiasm.

IMG_54762.  She is wonderful with other dogs.  I often take care of friends and family’s dogs and Mindy is very welcoming and the first to say, “Wanna play?”

Bow Tie on Mindy


3.  She endures the celebratory bow ties.

Mindy on Chair4.  She would let you pat her head from now until the end of time.  It’s her signature move.  You’ll be standing and suddenly she will appear right under your hand and just stay there.

5.  She is not fond of junior high aged children.  Not sure why, but she runs and hides in the back bedroom whenever a child that age is around.

015ec4347527f24feddfe18f4391a9a682248e77b86.  She wakes me up every night around 2am to go outside.  Most of the time she has to go to the bathroom, but sometimes she just likes to sit outside on the hill and look at the stars.  Kinda makes me crazy at that hour of the night!

01edbe3e7dcef64b8b9f73ff68a3ef773e91c31e877.  She loves to look out the window in the craft room.  She’s content in there for hours.01f1f54fce48bea944f189e44b152eca939dfff85c

8.  She and Ellie are my constant companions.




9.  She loves to herd Woody.  Mindy is German Shepherd/Border Collie mix and has a very strong need to herd.  She also loves to lick his face.  He’s used to it now.



We do love her and are so glad she came into our lives.  Happy Birthday Mindy!!!!




Picture 700


Happy Birthday Mindy.  We’re really glad you came to stay with us.  We ruff you!

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