Right now…

TIME: 9:01am.

LOCATION : dining room.

FEELING: full.  Just finished breakfast.

LOVING : my life, my husband and my dogs.

READING : Death of a Prankster by M.C. Beaton.  I love series.

DRINKING : Coffee.

ANTICIPATING : a day filled with dogs and crafting.  Pure bliss.

LISTENING TO : MUSIC : Eagles PODCAST : Curious Handmade Podcast.

WATCHING : West Wing and Hawaii 5-0.

PLANNING : to make car rental reservations for my England trip this year.  Eek!

LOOKING FORWARD TO : making a Cobb salad tonight and spending the evening with my hubby.

CREATING : gift for Father’s Day, cards and envelopes.

NEED TO FINISH : unknotting a skein of yarn that became a hot mess while I was trying to wind it into a ball.

WISHING : I had been more careful while winding said skein of yarn.  It’s taken me over a week to unknot.

GRATEFUL : for my nephew who’s celebrating his 20th birthday.

What are you “CURRENTLY” doing?





Ellie Mindy Woody Jefferson



Currently we are waiting for a treat. 


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1 Response to Right now…

  1. I am currently thinking I should be writing a blog post, but am enjoying reading everyone else’s posts instead! 🙂

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