Summer Challenges

I’m a sucker for challenges and lists with things to accomplish and conquer.  I don’t always complete the challenges (or lists of things), but I love to dive in the proverbial deep end and give it my best shot.

Since June 1, the blog-a-sphere has been inundated with summer challenges galore.  And I’ve been drawn in like a moth to a flame.  Here are just a few that have caught my interest.

Clean Mama’s Simple Summer Challenge – I’m always in need of help when it comes to keeping the house tidy.

Index Card a Day – “Starting June 1 create something on a 3×5″ index card every day for 61 days. On the back of each card, add a number to keep track of your progress. ICAD #1, #2, etc. Whatever day you start, it is your own official ICAD #1. Motto: You do not need to catch up, just start.”  That’s good to know ;-).

Through the Loops Mystery Shawl – I want to do this, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep their timetable.  I’ve chosen my yarn (Knit Picks Palette Yarn), but it hasn’t arrived yet.  The pattern calls for two solid colors so I chose Eggplant and a green.  I’ve narrowed down the green to two choices and ordered both so I could decide in person.  Thankfully the yarn is reasonably priced and I only need a total of 4 skeins.  Here are the colors.  Which do you think I should go with???  The Green Tea Heather or the Edamame????  This is my first Mystery anything.

Eggplant Palette Yarn


Edamame Palette Yarn


Green Tea Heather Palette Yarn

Green Tea Heather






Book Bingo 2015 – I just started listening to a new podcast called “Books on the Night Stand”.  It’s really good and they’re doing a summer challenge called Book Bingo 2015.  Here’s my card.   Obviously I’m combining this with my Quest46 reading challenge (24 books this year), but I love the spontaneous nature of this challenge.  Check out my progress at Goodreads.

BOTNS Book Bingo [Random!]


I’m sorry I’ve not been around lately.  As silly as this sounds, the Bird Series kind of fried me.  I won’t be doing a series this month, but will certainly be posting several times a week.

As always, thank you for stopping by…




Rusty and Ellie


And you’ve been busy taking care of us and our friends.  We require a lot of time and attention.


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2 Responses to Summer Challenges

  1. Pam Robertson says:

    Not sure I would do well on the book bingo, but Ellie’s friend is adorable!

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