Day 22 – Wellington the Kiwi – {Bird, Bird, Bird is the Word}

Welcome to the {Bird, Bird, Bird is the Word} blog series.  Every day during the month of May, I’ll be posting a bird craft or bird-related item on my blog as well as placing that object on my wall tree.  I can’t wait until the end of the month when my tree will be alive with a collection of chirpy chums.

Day 22 Wellington the Kiwi2Wellington joined us today.  Wellington is a Kiwi and because they’re flightless birds, Charlie picked him up in his seaplane.  Wellington is from New Zealand where he worked as a grip on the set of Lord of the Rings.  Wellie, as he’s fondly known, loved working on these movies mostly because he got to meet all the actors and occasionally work as an extra.  You know the scene where the Orcs attack Helms Deep?  Wellie was in that.   While on the set, he managed to get his picture with each actor along with Day 22 Wellington the Kiwitheir autograph and can’t wait to show all the other birds.

On the plane ride over, he and Charlie because fast friends and Charlie said he’d teach him how to fly if he was interested.  Now that he’s retired from the movie business, he thinks he’ll give that a try.

Day 22 Wellington on Wall TreeDouglas and Olivia are really excited to meet Wellie, because like them, he’s nocturnal and now they’ll have someone else to chat with during the night.

I found this pattern and crocheted Wellington using cream, yellow and black yarn.




Here’s a view of the tree so far.

Day 22 Wall Tree

Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you tomorrow,






Wellie was in Lord of the Rings?  Did he meet Arwen?  She’s my favorite.


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1 Response to Day 22 – Wellington the Kiwi – {Bird, Bird, Bird is the Word}

  1. Ed Lawson says:

    Lucy, our cockatiel, is jealous of all your winged friends.

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