Day 27 – DIY Soap Mold – {DIY From Scratch}

bleach alternative afterHere’s an update from yesterday’s blog of the National Bleach Alternative.  After leaving the solution in my sink over night, I woke up to a sparkly clean sink (minus the porcelain chips from years of use).  I have to say I was surprised it worked, but it did.  That will teach me for being a skeptic.  I’ll definitely be using this in the future.

Now onto today’s post:  DIY Soap Molds.

Making homemade soap is one of my most favorite things to do.  I’ve blogged about it before, but today I’m going to make my own soap mold from cardboard boxes.

100_3928I have a lovely wood laminate mold, but it’s for making large batches of soap (40 bars) and I just want to make a small batch (15)  tomorrow.


Soap Mold 1I need a mold that is 15″X7″X3″, but, despite the fact that I rarely throw cardboard boxes out, I didn’t have any that size.  So I fashioned my own out of the cardboard boxes I did have.

Soap Mold2Several yards of tape, an exacto knife and a ruler later, I had myself a soap mold.

To prepare the mold for the soap, I lined it with freezer paper, shiny side up.  If you’ll notice, there are a few wrinkles (I can feel the professional soap makers out there cringing), but I make this soap for our home and for family and friends.  The wrinkles don’t detract from the quality or lusciousness of the soap and besides, I can always slice them off if they really bug me.

Soap Mold4Soap Mold5I have everything prepped for tomorrows soap making session. Now I need to decide on a scent.  Any thoughts?


Until tomorrow,






Now I know I’m not supposed to eat soap, right?


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3 Responses to Day 27 – DIY Soap Mold – {DIY From Scratch}

  1. Pam Robertson says:

    Well if today is soap molds and tomorrow is soap, I am thinking Thursday better be dog treats or you are in trouble with three doggies!

    As far as scents – I am always a fan of lavender and vanilla. 🙂

  2. AndreSue says:

    I’ve never made homemade soap. I’m excited for the next blog post!

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