Day 14 – DIY All Purpose Cleaner – {DIY From Scratch}

As long as I can remember I’ve used 409 all purpose cleaner to clean my house.  I used it in our first apartment and I’m pretty sure we used it when I lived at home with my parents.

A few years ago I made a DIY all purpose cleaner and used it for about a year then went back to 409 mostly because I still had some in the house and felt compelled to use it up.  I really loved the DIY cleaner and should have made more, but you know how it is…. life gets in the way.

Well it’s back and I intend to make it my main cleaner.  It uses 4 ingredients, is really simple to make, is inexpensive and does a wonderful job.

DIY cleanerI found the recipe at  The ingredients are hot water, vinegar, washing soda, and liquid Castile soap.  I highly recommend using a mixing jug that holds at least 6 cups of liquid because when you add the vinegar to the water and then the washing soda, the mixture starts to bubble… a lot.  If you add all these ingredients in the bottle you’ll experience a ‘volcano’ affect and that’s messy.  Mix all the ingredients until the bubbling subsides and then pour it into a spray bottle.  The cleaner has a milky look and smells minty fresh because I use peppermint scented liquid Castile soap.

I found these spray bottles at Walmart in the laundry section.  They hold 2 cups of liquid and cost .99 cents.  That’s a great deal!

Until tomorrow,






With all this money you’re saving, maybe you could buy us more treats?


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