Day 22 {Make Madness} – Part 2 – Carving Stamps

Make Madness


Day 22 of Make Madness – Carving Stamps


012e7dec85d342c758500275258820517187d6ed75 I first have to say that this book, Carve Stamp Play is excellent.  Julie does a wonderful job of describing all aspects of stamp carving from wh0179ce233d2a231df538424fa781239066df71aa88at materials to purchase, how to assemble the tools and how to stamp.

She describes a variety of methods to transfer your image as well as provides you with images to try.  The book is full of tutorials ranging from beginner to more complex only in terms of the image.  Carving the stamps requires patience and time, but is relatively easy.

013b83e2b10d6cd20c2054856fa0a6b804d13b3f89015faf2746249875a45c96cdce19110d021e98d5abI started by carving a heart shape.  Julie does a fantastic job of describing how to use the lino cutter and if you follow her directions, you’ll end up with a good looking stamp.  I kept my stamp designs simple, but I definitely see myself doing more of this.  I’m very interested in carving an alphabet to use with my art journals and Project Life album.

01dd62e88ae6554441eb25ed42cd4f018a4c9470eb016fc75340fa62b0513dfacc12eae582f71fa1e900Predictably I carved a dog paw and, a little less predictably, I carved a lowercase “g”.  I learned a valuable lesson while carving the letter “g”.  All stamps are a mirror-image meaning that the carved image is a mirror image of the stamped image.  When I drew the “g”, I drew it as I would stamp it except that was wrong.  Luckily, I was still able to use the stamp by applying ink to the reverse side.  I’ll definitely have to keep an eye on that in the future.

014bcceb37391df90867116a5c6dfcb877c60fb63a01bb0aa1f3815ad7f30ef2b3e306df5086354ffb81In Julie’s book, she turns many of her doodle illustrations into stamps.  I have a long way to go before I’m able to carve something that intricate, but it’s a great way to turn some of my doodles into stamps.  Looks like I’m going to keep carving!

Until tomorrow,






I bet a whole bowl of kibble that my mom would carve a paw, so I just have one question.  Where’s my kibble?


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