Day 21 {Make Madness} – Part 2 – Rebatching Soap

Make Madness


Day 21 of Make Madness – Rebatching Soap


01f51b3692f7c68bd5af5888a84d53018d022c08d0So I went about rebatching my soap slivers left over from a big soap project and everything was going to plan until…. my bag melted!

01ed6b3829853312759dd19b907b7c0502dc8f5d87As instructed, I began by grating my soap slivers and putting them into a heat-resistant plastic Ziploc bag.  I added the required amount of distilled water, sealed the bag shut and placed it into the pot of boiling water.  I left it there for 20 minutes, took it out, mooshed it around and discovered that the soap hadn’t melted to the ‘thick Vaseline’ consistency it needs to be.

018194c8feefe226686a3e40dbaed087f8725f1fbdNo worries, I added more water to the bag, and popped it back into the pot of boiling water – this time for 10 minutes.  At about 8 minutes, I look over and there’s soapy water spilling over the edge of the pot.  That was a problem.  The bag had melted, so I quickly turned off the water and rescued the soap from the pot.

I managed to rescue most of it and transfer it to a bowl where I mixed it with a spoon and to my surprise it was the consistency I was looking for.  I chose not to add fragrance and color because this soap still had a heavy scent from when it was originally made.  I highly recommend Spiced Mahogany from Brambleberry.  It’s an amazing scent for soap.

016f8fb231c4b29353db7da89ae5795d0d4cc0f012015a9868f07ffa85e89c102b5b158e0841c47e8877I quickly spooned the gloopy mixture into my tart tins (I didn’t have any soap molds) and hoped for the best.  I think it kind of looks like oatmeal.  I need to wait 2-7 days for the soap to harden.  I’ll let you know how it goes.


Until tomorrow,






Whoa – for a moment I thought you were making oatmeal.  You know how much I like oatmeal.



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