Thirteen Today

Woody turns 13 today.  In honor of his special day, I thought I would tell you the 13 Reasons I Love Woody.


IMG_50601.  He loves to walk.  Even though he’s 13, you’d never know it on our walks.  People are often surprised when I say how old he is.  He’s a spritely dude.

IMG_00162.  He adapts really well to other dogs.  I often take care of friends and family’s dogs and Woody is very welcoming.

IMG_3877 (5)3.  He puts up with me wanting to see him in funny headbands.

4.  He always comes when he hears the sound of my spoon clinking against my breakfast bowl.  He gets to lick the spoon.  01537d33170cadfbf6283f0dc6d4188fde571888df

01a77d33646082d63724dfa844c26e05bbbb0063725.  He is a true love-bug.

6.  He has one blue eye.  It’s his signature.

7.  He howls a doggie opera at the sound of an ice-cream truck.

010e0e55ecee2796f18cedb9bc72bdeb4b577745248.  He loves to cuddle on my side of the bed.

9.  He is my own personal alarm clock.  I can count on being woken between 5:15am and 6am every day.  This requires some adjustment with daylight savings.

IMG_0041 (2)10.  He woo-woo’s when he’s playing ball and can play for hours.

01e6c5b821483493dab67f13dfed0a59a2d0b2d76f11.  He is a very clear communicator.  Here he is saying, “Please remove these boxes and replace them with my dog bed.

12.  He is such a gentle soul.  And a constant source of calm.

IMG_547913.  He puts up with Mindy’s very strong need to herd (German Shepherd/Border Collie mix) and lick his face.



We do love him and am so glad he came to stay with us.  Happy Birthday Woody!!!!






Happy Birthday Woody.  Thanks for being a great big brother.  We ruff you!

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2 Responses to Thirteen Today

  1. Anita Jayne says:

    Aw! Happy Birthday Woody! Such a cutie!!

  2. Mary Jane Lawson says:

    Woody is a very special companion!

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