Day 13 {Make Madness} – Part 2 – DIY Cell Phone Cover

Make Madness


Day 13 – DIY Cell Phone Cover


58deb7761e347217fd0c395ba79157fdAs I mentioned, I’ve made this craft before using this tutorial.  My niece was given an iTouch for Christmas and wanted different case covers so we spent an afternoon cutting out different scrapbook paper designs.

I ordered the clear lucite cell phone case here. They were very reasonably priced and fit my iPhone and her iTouch.  I ordered the case for the iPhone 5, and I’m sure you could find them for other versions of iPhone and cell phones.

01eeb831902de16ff6f1ccf152b92ddab28a37a702I made a pattern first by tracing the case on a piece of white cardstock.  I cut out the pattern with scissors and used an Exacto knife to cut out the camera opening.  I made sure to make the side that the pattern is on because if you reverse it then the camera opening will be covered.  I know this because I made that mistake. 😉

0145eb6e30475555f1245b8f6728f7587a476649faI cut out a couple of covers from scrapbook paper.  It really doesn’t matter how thick the paper is, however, you don’t want to use anything too thick or else the clear cover won’t fit correctly on your phone.


After cutting out the cardstock covers, I grabbed Groovebook photo book and picked a photo of a flower.  I used my pattern template to trace around the flower, cut it out and voila, another cover.  I’m definitely going to search through my dog photos, make a collage of my dogs and make that into a cover.  This could be a really cool gift for family or friends.


My final cover was a doodle.  I had so much fun the other day doodling, I decided to make a cover.  I first traced my pattern onto a piece of white drawing paper.  Then I started doodling, coloring and finally cut out the piece.  I think this was the most fun of them all.



I don’t know about you, but I carry my phone around with me all the time and I love the fact that I can customize the look anytime I want.



Until tomorrow,






Love the idea of the collage of me, Ellie and Woody.  Then you could quickly show pictures of your dogs without having to scroll through the thousands of pictures you have on your phone.  That could save lots of time.




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