Day 12 {Make Madness} – Part 2 – Watercolor Chart

Make Madness


Day 12 – Watercolor Chart


011853f483d807fabaa32b2257f39dcfff9705a5b9On a trip to England years ago, I came across a television show whose host went from town to town sketching the sights and then watercoloring the image.  At the end of each episode they showed a still of the location that then morphed into the watercolored sketch.  I couldn’t wait for each episode – it was mesmerizing.

I know I’ll get around to actually trying this craft for real, but for now I like using the paints to color my stamped, embossed images and running stripes of color on cards.


Making this color chart was not only fun, but it gave me a better feel for working with the colors and how the amount of water affects the saturation of the color.  It also gave me intense respect for those who do it well.

Until tomorrow,






When you get around to this watercoloring thing, you should use me, Woody and Mindy as subjects.




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