Day 9 {Make Madness} – Part 2 – DIY Washi Tape

Make Madness


Day 9 – DIY Washi Tape


Today’s project was a lot of fun and the tutorial was excellent.  I used deli paper (the same stuff sandwiches are wrapped in), sharpie pens and a Xyron sticker maker to add adhesive to the back of the tape strips.






I made 1/2″ strips on the deli paper and colored them in a variety of colors and styles.  Washi tape is know for being translucent and the deli paper provided the translucent look and feel.  After finishing the strips, I cut them out and ran them through my sticker maker.






While this was relaxing and cool, it was time consuming and probably expensive compared to just buying a roll of Washi tape.  That being said, the nice part about this technique is that I can make the strips as wide as I want and create any manner of design or wording (although my block lettering needs practice).  I’m still glad I made these strips of ‘washi tape’.  I’ll definitely use them in future projects.

Until tomorrow,






Hey I noticed some dog paws.  Are those for Woody’s present?



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