Saturday Snippets | February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.

Welcome to Saturday Snippets.  This is where I share links and odd bits of info from the past week.

1. Can’t get enough of this video.

2. Great article on the power of list-making.  Who doesn’t love a good list.

lace_washcloth1_small23.  Mel over at One Crafty Mumma is hosting a dishcloth-a-week (for 4 weeks) knit-a-long.  This first pattern is very fancy for a dish cloth, but I like the change from the plain jane (don’t get me wrong – I love them) dish cloths.  Head over to Mel’s blog (One Crafty Mumma) is you’re interested in joining in.

4.  And speaking of knitting, Alfred “Alfie” Date is 109 years old, lives in Australia and still knits for friends and causes.  He is incredibly inspiring and delightful to listen to.  My favorite quote from the article: “It’s a good way of getting along in life. You make friends all the time but you don’t make a fool of yourself either.”   Here’s the article along with a video.

5. I’ll end today’s Snippets for a boatload of cuteness.  Videos like this make me want to get lots and lots of puppies.

Well that’s all the snippets I have for today.  Have a wonderful Saturday,






Did you tell your friends that every time you play the cute puppy video, I have to come over and watch?  Now that’s what I call ‘a boatload of cuteness’!

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5 Responses to Saturday Snippets | February 14, 2015

  1. trimitup says:

    I love all the cuteness! 😍

  2. Pam Robertson says:

    Miley did not enjoy the adorable boxer pups video, but I did!

  3. AndreSue says:

    🙂 I especially loved the first video. Super sweet! Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

  4. Girl Gone Expat says:

    What an adorable video of the animals playing! Was it a sheep trying to get up on the back of that horse? Amusing:)

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