Making time to…

How often do we hear the phrase, “I just don’t have the time” or “I’m too busy to do …”?  Or how often to we use those phrases?  I know I do and it’s usually attached to an activity that I’m NOT crazy about… like exercising or cleaning the house or [fill in the blank].  All the experts tell us that if something is important or valuable to us, we will MAKE the time.  And as we do, we discover that we actually do have the time.

I feel this way about cleaning… the house.  I know it’s important and I do value a clean home, but the actual activity – yuck!  There are so many other things I’d rather be doing!  I know I’m not alone in this arena so I’m going to share how I’m tackling this nemesis in 2015.

I discovered CleanMama a couple of years ago.  Becky is a cleaning and homekeeping expert, a wife and mom to three, a business owner, and a former art teacher. Her blog helps you discover new ways to do the mundane tasks of homekeeping and to bring a little more fun into the process. And she does it using a variety of lists!  If you’re familiar with my love of lists then you’ll understand why I was drawn to her blog.

01887896b157b26b211816b1be11720c3320beb2f9Becky (Clean Mama) has developed a cleaning routine that’s pretty popular and used by thousands of people to do a little every day to keep it more manageable and under a 15 minutes every day. She gives away a free monthly cleaning routine calendar sure to help you get your home in order and keep your cleaning routine on task.   Here’s January’s calendar + a 31 day Declutter ChallengeWill you join me?



While I’m on the topic of cleaning, I thought I’d share a recipe for an easy Citrus Green Tea Body Scrub.  After you’re done scrubbing your house, you can reward yourself with a luxurious bath and fresh, glowing skin.  I know I will!  Grace



P.S.  Here’s a recipe for a general household cleaner from a post I wrote about making household items from scratch.  The cleaner works beautifully and smells really good.  I use it all the time.




Okay, we’re not crazy about this topic.  I hope you’re not adding US to your cleaning schedule.

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