Nine Today



Ellie turns 9 today.  In honor of her special day, I thought I would tell you the 9 Reasons I Love Ellie.





ellie151.  She loves to eat.  She has always LOVED her food, in fact, she doesn’t actually chew, she hoovers.  I had to develop a game to get her to wait to eat.  Here’s a video:


IMG_40902.  She is incredibly welcoming to other dogs.  She loves to play with them and has great patience with them all.  She even lets them nap with her on the couch.



IMG_40643.  She’s very inquisitive.  She always has to know what I’m doing and believes it’s her job to know what’s going on.

Ellie5b4.  She is extremely photogenic and really doesn’t mind having her picture taken. A. Lot.

5.  She has the most beautiful brown eyes and biggish ears.  When she was a toddler I was a bit worried she would be able to pick up signals from space with the satellite dishes she had for ears.

100_42806.  She’s my shadow.  My faithful companion.

101907 0117.  And our home alarm.  From her look out spot, she lets me know when anyone is remotely close to the house.



IMG_0030 (3)8.  She loves to play ball especially with Woody.  Actually she loves to catch the ball, play keep-away with Woody, drop the ball and let him bring it to me.



01e45cfee78b231f77022cb6e377bac826427574559.  She loves to help Mike in the backyard.  Especially when he’s digging.  She’s great at catching dirt.

We do love her and I’m so glad I stopped by the puppy wing of the SPCA 8 years and 45 weeks ago.  Happy Birthday Ellie!!!!Grace





I’m still not sure it was a good idea to bring Ellie home.  However, she’s grown on me so she can stay.

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1 Response to Nine Today

  1. Michelle says:

    Happy birthday Ellie! Michga has large ears too we used to call her Dumbo!

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