Saturday Snippets | November 29, 2014

Welcome to Saturday Snippets.  This is where I share links and odd bits of info from the past week.

arthur6-resting-604x403-opt1. This is Arthur and this is his story.  “Team Peak Performance, made up of four Swedish athletes, were on a break last week before the final two stages of the 430-mile Adventure Racing World Championship in Ecuador. Mikael Lindnord, the group’s captain, was eating his lunch when a scruffy stray dog started begging for a snack. Mikael couldn’t resist throwing the sad looking pup a meatball, but little did he know that the tiny morsel would represent the beginning of an unlikely friendship.”  The Bark Magazine

2.  A great reminder of the value of knowing someone’s name.

012a105e0ac9eb49c737768be5ae9db88e4a9d6a153.   Discovered a sample pack of Trader Joe’s Seasonal Coffee this week.  Absolutely love ALL of them.


GIVE-US-A-THANKFUL-SENSE-OF-THE4. A couple days after Thanksgiving, but I don’t think there’s ever a time to NOT be thankful.  Thank you, Modern Mrs. Darcy, for reminding me of Jane Austen’s amazing words.

5. Made a wheat-free, sugar-free pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving.  So good and here’s the recipe.  Topped it off with whipped cream sweetened with Stevia.

Don’t forget to checkout {30 Days of Christmas Ornaments} post to enter the Giveaway for 30 Christmas Ornaments.

Well that’s all the snippets I have for today.  Have a wonderful Saturday,






That’s a cool story about Arthur, but we’re really glad we didn’t have to do all the stuff that he did.  Thanks for NOT being an elite athlete.  Walks are just fine with us.

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