Ornament #25 – Crocheted Christmas Stocking {30 Days of Christmas Ornaments}

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So I was all ready to ‘sew’ a stocking today, but then I read the latest post from ukcrochetpatterns and decided I needed to ‘crochet’ a stocking.  On their blog, they’re sharing a free pattern designed by Littlefolds and posted by Petals to Picots.  The link to the pattern is in their post.


Littlefolds Pattern

The pattern was really well written and used single crochet 01c111392a39fd701796660637a1218ef105e00418throughout.  In essence, you’re making a tiny sock, but don’t let that freak you out.  The pattern author walks you through every step.  I found these packs of Lion Brand Bonbons.  Oh My Goodness!!!  While I didn’t squeal out of sheer delight out loud in the store, I definitely did in my head.  Three skeins fit in my hand and I don’t have a big hand!!!  The package has 8 tiny skeins (28 yards each) of 100% cotton yarn.  It’s a fine weight and I 0130d9ba58a3470987951489d7ebaf57546d40de1dwas able to make the body of the stocking using only one skein.  The contrasting color for the heel and the toe used maybe 1/4 of a skein.  The fuzzy top part was made with Lion Brand Fun Fur.  I definitely plan to make more; they would make a great garland or stuffed with candies or tiny goodies.

01b775477d619959d29e357da18987462df5aac916We have a wonderful tradition in our family, actually my husband’s family has the tradition.  All the members of the family have stockings.  In the early days, as their kids started to date, the boyfriends/girlfriends would also get stockings and if you became an official member of the family through marriage or birth, well, your stocking was also a permanent fixture on the mantel.  The thing I love about this tradition, though, is that Mike’s mom and dad always make sure EVERYONE has a stocking.  They never wanted anyone to feel left out of the stocking opening tradition.  We always open our stockings first and marvel at the goodies and cool gadgets that they’ve collected over the year.  And we can always count on getting a Swiss Army Knife.  I’ve been officially apart of the family for 26 years and I probably have 20 or so pen knives.  Some have been lost, or misplaced, but the bulk of them I keep stashed with various craft projects.  They also come in real handy for present opening time.  Everyone has their own knife to snip the ribbons and tape!

One of my Quest46 items is to make stockings for my dogs.  My goal is to do that this year, within the next couple of weeks.  I’ll post them when they’re done.

Question of the Day:  Do you put up stockings for Christmas?




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So is there anything I have to do to get a stocking on the mantel?  Nothing you say? Not even be a really, really good dog?  Not even that?  You mean to tell me that just because I’m part of the family, I get a stocking?  Well, I don’t know if I can contain my joy!


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12 Responses to Ornament #25 – Crocheted Christmas Stocking {30 Days of Christmas Ornaments}

  1. Alan says:

    Yes…even the dogs get their own stockings filled with tasty treats…of course when we hang them, the dogs won’t move away from the fireplace due to their super sniffers…

  2. Denise says:

    Yes we do but sometimes they are too heavy to hang once filled. 🙂

  3. Pam Robertson says:

    One year Miley almost injured herself trying to get close the my “hiding spot” for her Christmas treats – man those noses!

    Sadly no, we have gotten away from stockings but I do have fond memories of it as a kid!

  4. Mary Jane says:

    We have had stockings through the years and lately we have not been putting them up at our home.

  5. Michelle says:

    At my mom’s house we have stockings! My mom still sneaks in the middle of the night to fill them even though me and my brother are adults now. And I sneak in to put stuff in hers too. We’ve never done a stocking for Michga though, even though she gets a present. I should get her one!

  6. Cathy Powell says:

    Yes we hang and fill stockings every year for all adults and grandchildren, lots of fun!

  7. Neil says:

    Just for the nieces.

  8. Kathy Ryan says:

    Yes!!! For everyone who comes for Christmas… very much like your in-laws.

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