Ornament #19 – Tiny Sweater Ornament {30 Days of Christmas Ornaments}

30 Days Christmas OrnamentsOrnament #19 -Tiny Sweater Ornament   015c32f2a789519cdd758d5df1c542ffbdf972664c

I’ve always been fascinated by miniature things.  I love doll houses with all the tiny furniture, appliances and decorated rooms.  As a kid I remember going to a miniature village where as you walked down the streets, you towered over the buildings.  When I discovered miniature gardens, I knew I just had to give it a try (that’s one of my Quest46 activities).

0114b5e957b9ed6ae63659f8779b887c4132d319feSo you can imagine how jazzed I was when I stumbled upon these tiny sweater ornaments.  I used this pattern, had to teach myself how to do a “backwards loop cast on” (big thank you to Staci at VeryPink.com for the excellent YouTube tutorial), had great aspirations of making 20 or so, but only made one in the time I had.

01dae8c2bd3fbd0ed142c6ec5f361951bf80fa9e9aI only made one sweater mostly because of the learning curve.  The pattern is really simple, but I had never cast on extra stitches in the middle of a project and had to stop to learn how to do that.  I know the next few will go a lot faster.

01298de7fbac28a067a5bb98980ef690c40cb23187And to add to the Eek!! cuteness factor, I made a little hanger out of a jumbo paper clip for my tiny sweater.  I used this tutorial.


Item #41 -Add a new item every month to my Etsy shop to build variety and inventory.

I’ve mentioned that I make dog beds and collars, but as the year goes on I want to expand my business and offer other items.


Question of the Day:  Do you take part in any charitable activities over the holidays and if so, what do you do?




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For someone who likes “all things miniature”, you sure have big dogs.  But we’re not complaining.

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11 Responses to Ornament #19 – Tiny Sweater Ornament {30 Days of Christmas Ornaments}

  1. The Angel Tree at church, cooking for the Tuesday Night Dinners at church for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  2. Michelle says:


    I do a couple little things through my school, like a sandwich-making marathon day for a local homeless shelter. If my animal shelter is going to do anything I’ll definitely help with that.

  3. Neil says:

    I offer to buy a meal for a homeless person.

  4. Pam says:

    Usually participate in something through church like adopt a family or angel tree. Our Girl Scout troop does something different every year – stockings for elderly or homeless kids. Last year they bought supplies for Happy Tails pet sanctuary, etc. Try to think of different things!

  5. karijo68 says:

    Hi Grace! I get your posts via wordpress at 10:30 so I usually don’t see until the a.m……
    I love this ornament. I too have been fascinated by miniature things:) I think the hanger is adorbs.
    There are so many great things to do, sponsor, support and donate to it can become overwhelming. A couple of years ago a client of mine (now co-worker), Emily Montoya, started a blanket drive from November – December. She collects blankets, coats, hats and more to distribute the beginning of December. I support this:) and help put the word out https://www.facebook.com/events/276354052559904/
    Also I drop by some jars of peanut butter to our Roseville SPCA. A group of moms with mostly boys and I save gently used toys and clothes and make donations to the receiving home up in Auburn (I haven’t heard about this one so don’t know if this will be happening this year..plus the boys wear their clothes longer now that they are older:)
    Lastly ~ Sean was our Christmas present nearly 16 years ago this December. He was born at Sutter Memorial and was in the NICU. For Christmas Day a local school came in and made little stockings for the babies and families along with a Christmas book. For Christmas Eve we go by the hospital and drop off Christmas books we pick up from the $1 store for the NICU families.

    • gracieed says:

      Thanks so much for sharing all this wonderful info Kari. I’m going to go through our closets and pull out some coats and blankets for Emily’s deal. I clicked over to her Facebook page and the main picture made me want to cry. I have to say I love the ways your give – so thoughtful and creative and going to Sutter Memorial on Christmas eve – well that did make me cry! You’ve set such a wonderful example for your boys.

  6. Cathy Powell says:

    Christmas Promise, Food Bank, Union Gospel

  7. Kathy Ryan says:

    Church, car club, and masonic lodge charitable activities

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