Going back to school – sort of

encyclopedia 11th editionI always enjoyed school.  Mostly I think I always enjoyed learning.  As a kid, we had a set of encyclopedias and I loved just sitting quietly reading through them.  (Nerd alert!! – I discovered you can download the Encyclopedia Britannica – for free – on your Kindle.  I’m in heaven)  I’m not sure what my fascination was or is with encyclopedias.  I imagine it’s two fold – first, they are organized alphabetically and orderly and second, they are crammed full of incredible information and facts and history and plain old fashioned knowledge.  With access to the internet, it’s no surprise that Encyclopedias have gone the way of the dinosaur, but I still have fond memories.

With the internet, there’s nothing you can’t learn.  Obviously you need to employ wisdom and good old common sense, but if you want to IMG00343-20110409-1954learn something, just Google it!  Many of the craft projects I do, I’ve learned from various tutorials.  If I’m stuck on a knitting project, all I have to do is go to YouTube and search my particular problem and within seconds I’m on my way.  It’s borderline miraculous.  This is how I taught myself to insert letters into knitted hats.  My favorite channel to subscribe to is Very Pink Knits.  Staci produces incredible tutorials and is an amazing teacher.

IMG_3953The other thing you can do with the internet is take online classes. I’m always drawn to classes that teach me something new about crafts or art.  They’re usually very reasonably priced and very well executed.  ‘Art Class with Wilna’, a class I bought and finished, is offered by Wilna Furstenburg.  Here’s a description of the class:  “If you are looking to learn simple techniques that will fill you with wonder and bring the fun back into scrapbooking, then this workshop is for you!  The 10 chapters encourage you to play with stencils, Modge Podge, stitching, wax, fabric, found items, washi tape, glitter, pens, paint, masking fluid and molding paste.  You’ll learn to work with these mediums as design elements, with 50 creative pages from Wilna and her contributors to reference and spark creativity.”  I made these scrapbook pages from techniques I learned in this class.


Other sources for online craft classes are:

Big Picture Classes
Dirty Footprints Studio
Online Card Classes
Wild Olive Stitching Club

Quest46LogoItem #12:  Complete 6 online classes.

All the classes I own are self-paced classes.  This is good because I can set my own pace based on what else is going on in my life.  However, this is also bad because there’s no deadline motivating me to finish.  This is why I’m going to complete a class every 2 months during Quest46.

Do you like to take classes??


Woody & Ellie

Just a suggestion – You might want to do a scrapbook page on Mindy.  We don’t want her to feel left out.

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