Overcoming an irrational Bow-making fear

0164a95620fe46e1d528eb07167ee67f7dc68ced4eYes you heard me correctly.  For about 20 years, I’ve had this irrational fear of making bows.  You know, the kind you put on gift packages or baskets or wreaths.  I’m in awe of the people that can make them and I often stroll the craft store aisles drooling over the beautiful designs, colors and widths of ribbon.  Now I’m not easily discouraged by challenging crafts, but I’ve kept bows at a distance for 2 decades.

This fear all began 20 years ago when my mom and I signed up for a bow-making class at our local craft store.  It was a pretty comprehensive class, covering all styles and designs and we were so excited to finally learn and possibly master this elusive craft.  Unfortunately the class was taught by someone who was a master bow-maker, but a horrible teacher.  In retrospect she obviously had some self-esteem issues because she actually criticized our work and made us feel as though we had somehow missed out on the bow-making gene.  If this happened today, I would probably write a letter, but 20 years ago I was more shy and unwilling to make a fuss.  So we both left pretty much knowing that this was an area of the craft world that would elude us.  (A lot of what I’ve just written is tongue in cheek, but the experience was one of those that stays with you and left a real sour taste in our mouth.)

01865a25d80c4b7f8744e6e829523d783e987eed7601f105920881d3d86c20cad3f48a91dc31b7ac5d3d01eba911673ff1fbf6967ed2d07cfe54192fb646a30126cd9a16d07bbeb03b019381928986f8b4db6774Recently a friend of mine showed me the beautiful bows she’d made for some gift baskets.  Once again, I was in awe and remarked that I could never make anything like that.  She responded, “Oh it’s so easy.  All you need is a Bowdabra.”  Intrigued by the name alone and ready to overcome my crafting fear, I and a group of friends went over to her place so she could teach us how to make beautiful bows.  In one afternoon, I conquered my fear, made 3 marvelous, huge bows and am ready to acquire ribbon like it’s going out of style.

01e8794e097d533d1fb0cfa80d4256dce3a12153660195db2b5abca406cf1f7836ff6d4bd6ee41828836This new found ability (with Jolene’s excellent instruction and Bowdabra’s help) couldn’t have come at a better time.  You just know that all my Christmas and birthday gifts are going to be adorned with 01758cefbc6e18c38f3a4adc6fa513cf7aa4567ae7beautiful bows.  I might give bows away as actual gifts (Just kidding!)  In addition to Christmas and birthdays, one of my Quest46 activities will require bows.

Quest46LogoItem #11  —  Send two “thinking of you” gifts each month.I LOVE giving gifts and especially gifts when the recipient has no idea it’s coming.  It’s the best feeling in the whole world and I want to make this a regular part of my life.  I’ll probably do more than two, but with all the other activities, I wanted to be realistic.








I love getting gifts also.  Want to know my favorite???  Can you guess???  It’s yellow, round, you throw it and it’s in my mouth right now???  Come on guess….


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