Yummy Knitted Dish Cloths

As I’ve mentioned before, I love blogs.  I’m fascinated by the creativity of others and love to be inspired by their thoughts and ideas.  Every morning I take time while I’m drinking my coffee to browse through the 100’s of blogs I follow.

Every now and then, a sentence will jumpfirsttakecloths11 out at me or a picture will just grab my attention.  This happened the other day.  It was a picture of a stack of cotton dish cloths with a couple of handmade bars of soap on top.  The combination of colors and handmade soap made my heart blip a bit.  I’m a sucker for handmade soap.  I clicked through and discovered it was a post from Simply Notable and pattern for a knitted dish cloth in the shape of a scalloped star.

dishclothsI was hooked.  First, I love cotton dish cloths.  Second, I love cotton yarn.  Third, I love knitting.  So I printed the pattern, found my needles and chose a cheery colorway of green, yellow, white and blue.IMG_4009

The pattern was straight forward, but it used a technique called “short rows”.  I’d never used that technique so I hopped over to YouTube to my favorite knitting teacher, Staci at VeryPink.com and in a matter of minutes was knitting “short rows”.  Within a few hours, I had a scalloped star-shaped dish cloth which will now be my dish cloth of choice.

IMG_4010IMG_4011I’ve made several square cloths over the years and use them for cleaning my home and myself.  They’re extremely durable and stand up to household cleaning, but are gentle enough to wash my face.  They are super easy to just throw in the wash when they’re dirty.  And the cheery colors just make me happy.  They’re a great project for beginners and I’ve taught many people to knit by starting with a dish cloth.

Until next time,

IMG_3787Hey mom, I might need a wash cloth after I’m done playing.  Just something to consider.

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