Twelve Today



Woody turns 12 today.  In honor of his special day, I thought I would tell you the 12 Reasons I Love Woody.





IMG_38711.  He loves to walk.  In fact, in the last couple of weeks, I’ve been adding some running to my morning walk and he is loving it.  This guy loves to run.

2.  He loves/tolerates Ellie.  They’re great pals even though he still doesn’t quite understand why I brought her home.

3.  He makes me laugh.  He has the best facial expressions and serious comic timing.

100_39904.  He lets me put silly headbands on him and loves his sweater in the winter.  IMG_2697

5.  He is a very gentle boy, a true love-bug.

6.  He has one blue eye.  It’s his signature.

7.  He howls a doggie opera at the sound of an ice-cream truck.

IMG_00638.  He loves to cuddle under the covers at the end of the bed on my side.

9.  He is my own personal alarm clock.  I can count on being woken between 5:15am and 6am every day.  Good thing I’m a morning person.

IMG_375210.  He woo-woo’s when he’s playing ball and can play for hours.

11.  I can take him anywhere.

IMG_339212.  Loves a long nap in the sunshine.  Often when I can’t find him, he’ll be stretched out soaking up the rays.

We do love him and am so glad he came to stay with us.  Happy Birthday Woody!!!!Grace



IMG_2962“Hey Woody.  I know what mom got you for your birthday and I’ll tell you if you’ll share with me.”

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