A New Year

Since we’re almost to the end of January, you’re going to think I’m weird for posting my 2014 goals.  Actually I’m approaching the whole ‘goals for the year’ thing a little differently this year.  I LOVED 2013!  It was full of huge accomplishments, milestones, friends and family occasions, travel, lots of dogs and everyday life.  It also had its share of challenges, stress and ‘stop you in your tracks’ situations.  But then whose life doesn’t have all of that?  I ended the year feeling very grateful for my life and the lessons I learned and eager to see what’s in store for 2014.

Before I started dreaming about the new year, I reviewed my (somewhat lofty) goals from the previous year.  I’d like to think that along with the challenges of 2013 I gained some wisdom and I wanted to make sure I mixed in a good dose of wisdom and reality when coming up with my 2014 goals.

So this was my goals list for 2013.  Let’s see how I did.

1.  Run/walk the 2013 Honolulu Marathon with Mike.  Done.
2.  Read more.  Did this, but there’s never enough time to read all you want to read.
3.  Blog everyday.  Not exactly.  Well not at all.
4.  Paint kitchen cabinets.  Still need to do this.
5.  Make jean quilts for couch.  Cut up all our old jeans and am ready to start piecing.
6.  Keep up with daily chores.  I did better than the previous year, but need to continue to work on this.
7.  Organize craft room.  Huge progress, but not completed.
8.  Continue to not eat wheat and reduce sugar.  Fell off this wagon a few times, but still managed to lose 35 pounds.
9.  Celebrate our 25th anniversary all year.  Done.
10.  Gift giving plan.  Gave gifts, but never with a definitive plan.  Not sure what I was thinking with this goal.
11.  Read the Bible through in a year.  Read the Bible daily, but not in its entirety.
12.  Grow “A Thoughtful Paws”.  Added 8 new clients.
13.  Document my days – Project Life, CaptureYour365, Nieces & Nephews.  Finished Project Life, did not take a picture everyday and collected 6 months worth of questions/answers from my nieces and nephews.
14.  Complete two paper crafting classes.  Finished Art Class with Wilna Furstenberg.
15.  Knitting projects – Knit-a-square, shawls, hats, scarves, sweater.  Finished a scarf and worked on squares.  Not a stellar knitting year.
16.  Yard – finish retaining wall and brick patio.  Half-way finished with wall and yet to start patio.
17.  Grow my Etsy shopAdded a few items, but need a plan.
18.  Eat 95% of our meals at home.  Didn’t do too badly, but need to constantly work on this.

Overall I’m pleased with the results, but can definitely see that I was more successful in areas where I had a plan.  I also struggle with the concept of planning too much for the amount of time I have.

So what does 2014 look like?  Very similar with a few adjustments (like specifics).

1.  Run/walk two half marathons with Mike.  The Parkway Half in April and the Urban Cow in October.
2.  Read more .  Finish the Tea Shop Mysteries by Laura Childs.
3.  Blog regularly.  Unless I have a theme, I’m not going to pressure myself to blog everyday.  I want consistency.
4.  Paint kitchen cabinets.  Start in the spring when it’s warmer.
5.  Make jean quilts for couch.  Move cut pieces into my craftroom.
6.  Keep up with daily chores.  Set up appointments with myself for specific chores.
7.  Organize craft room.  In 6 months be ready to blog about completed, usable craftroom.
8.  Continue to not eat grains and sugar.  I was diagnosed with diabetes at the end of 2013 and eating like this helps me to manage my blood sugar without insulin.  Great motivator.
9.  Read the Bible everyday.
10.  Plan and execute a referral program for “A Thoughtful Paws”.
11.  Document my days – Project Life and Journal 52.
12.  Complete two paper crafting classes.  Art Class 2 with Wilna Furstenberg and One Little Word with Ali Edwards.
13.  Knitting project –Alisa’s sweater.
14.  Yard – finish retaining wall and brick patio.  Setup small vegetable garden.
15.  Plan to grow my Etsy shop.
16.  Eat 95% of our meals at home.
17.  Finish losing all the weight I need to reach my goal.  See goal #1 and #8.
18.  Send out  handmade cards at least once a week.
19.  Learn 3 new things.  Don’t know what yet, but want to be on the lookout.

How’s your 2014 shaping up?


IMG_3364We have goals.  They involve walking, eating, sleeping, eating, playing ball, eating, snuggling, eating.  I think you get the idea.

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