Pinterest365 – Day 53-54 – More Organizing Helps

I just discovered this morning that January is National Get Organized Month.  And with that in mind here are a few more organizing helps.  I’m continuing to sort through craft and home supplies and the ideas I find on Pinterest are incredibly helpful.  Here are a couple for today.


Mason Jar Cupcake LinersP365 – Day 53 – I also love to collect cupcake liners.  Not for cupcakes per say, but for craft projects.  When I saw this post I marveled at how something so simple could be so genius.  Plus it has the added bonus of using a mason jar (another of my favorite things to collect).

Paint StorageIMG_0448P365 – Day 54 – I have a bit of paint in those 2-oz containers and had it stored out of sight.  And as you know for me out of sight is out of mind.  We had a bunch of used wood CD/cassette tape racks so I pulled out the insides, painted them a lovely vibrant purple and Mike helped me to put the racks on the wall.  They hold almost all the paint!  I love them because I can see what I have and it’s sorted by color.

Until tomorrow,  Grace
IMG_0276“You do know that mason jars are also really good for storing treats, right?.  Just saying.”

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