Pinterest 365 – Day 39 – Elegant Candle Holder

elegantvotiveholdersI mentioned yesterday that I was responsible for dessert at the Pinterest party on Saturday.  My mom and I were also in charge of picking and teaching something from Pinterest.  We chose candle holders made with frosted glass paint and rubber bands.

The tutorial used tall tumblers and white paint, but we chose to use wine glasses and frosted paint.  The end result was really stunning.  I made one as my sample and one at the party, but I have since done a third one for my mantel.  I needed some height and candle light and these fit the bill.

100_4424I found the glasses at the dollar store, had the rubber bands in my office supplies and some left over painter’s tape from a painting job.  You first tape off the areas you don’t want to paint; I didn’t want to paint the stem or the base.  Then you just start fitting rubber bands around the glass in all kinds of configurations until you’re happy with what you have.  It’s important to make sure the bands are flat and not twisted because the paint will pool and leave ridges where you will want straight edges.

100_4428You than take you spray paint and start spraying.  This particular paint goes on clear and I made the mistake of thinking that I didn’t shake the can long enough so I continued to spray on a very thick layer.  That resulted in a LOT of pooling and subsequent scraping later.  The glass still looked good, but I think I wasted a bit of paint.  You actually only have to spray a thin layer and the paint frosts as it dries.  Really cool.

100_4425100_4429Wait until the paint is dry then take off the tape and rubber bands and voila, you have an elegant candle holder.  Really fun and easy and great result.






“I don’t really like it when you use spray paint so I am wearing my bandana to cover my nose.  Only problem is I can’t get it over my nose.  I will need your help.”

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2 Responses to Pinterest 365 – Day 39 – Elegant Candle Holder

  1. What a neat idea! They look great.

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