Pinterest 365 – Day 36 – Christmas Potpourri

After yesterday’s Pinterest craft, I needed an easy one today.  So I cut up an orange, combined it with a handful of whole cloves and some cinnamon sticks, and boiled it over low heat in a saucepan of water.  Christmas potpourri!

Holiday PotpourriThe actual recipe from the MakeItDo blog also has 1/2 cup of fresh cranberries, but my store didn’t carry them.  I will make it again with cranberries when I locate a bag, but for today our potpourri is sans cranberries.



100_4344I still like how it made the house smell.  Very cozy and warm.  It’s important to not let the water evaporate, but as long as I keep adding water, the concoction will last for quite a while. Grace


Woody & Ellie today


“We like how it smells also.  Is it something we can eat?”

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