A Month of Challenges – Day 6 (December 6)

Today I spent the day cleaning and tidying up after the crazy decorating yesterday.  There has been such a whirlwind of activity lately that I find myself not taking time to appreciate the days.  Need to slow down and focus on the important stuff.

  • My December Daily picture and journal entry will be a photo of my Santa collection and the story of how I came to have such a collection.
  • 100_4273This picture is my entry for the iHeartFaces Photo Challenge.  Today’s topic was “A burst of red”.  One of our neighbors has a couple of redwoods in their front yard and they always decorate with ornaments.  I found this really striking this morning on our walk.
  • 100_4339For “Journal Your Christmas”, today’s journal prompt is about remembering what is truly important this Christmas.  This prompt came at a great time.  The decorating, gift giving, and extra activities are fun, but rest and reflection is incredibly valuable as well.  As I unpacked my nativity set, I came across a piece my mom gave me years ago and it brought tears to my eyes.  A wonderful reminder of focusing on the truly important.
  • 12 Dogs25 Christmas movies.  Mike and I watched “The 12 Dogs of Christmas”.  All I can say is if they ever need someone to direct a musical of “The 12 Days of Christmas” using dogs, I’m your gal!  That’s 78 dogs for those doing the math.

Until tomorrow,  Grace



100_4323“You know Ellie and I are okay with a few dogs for the occasional visit, but 78!  Do you know how long it would take you to make that many dog beds?”

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