Pinterest 365 – Day 34 – DIY Christmas Tree for the porch

Christmas Lights TreeThe first few years that we lived in our house (we’ve been here 22 years) we decorated with Christmas lights.  Mike would spend hours on the roof hanging lights and it would look beautiful, but it was a lot of work.  As we’ve aged, the idea of him hanging out on the roof just isn’t appealing anymore.  So we don’t hang lights anymore.

100_4281When I saw this pin on Pinterest, I knew that outdoor lights would be a part of our Christmas this year.  Along with being very pretty, these lighted trees are very re-purposeful.

100_4286I just strung a set of lights all along the tomato cage and plugged them in.  I’m only showing you one at the moment, but I will be displaying two on our porch.  We will also be running lights along our staircase.  When it’s all finished I’ll post a picture.Grace





“Are all these lights going to keep us up at night?  You know how I need my beauty sleep.”

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