A Month of Challenges – Day 4 (December 4)

I continued decorating today, but also took time out to go to the movies with some friends.

  • My December Daily picture and journal entry will be how I went to see the movie, Life of Pi, today.  They stayed really true to the book and did a wonderful job of telling this compelling yet disturbing story.
  • 100_4130This picture is my entry for the iHeartFaces Photo Challenge.  Today’s topic was “shadow play”.  I intended to find some shadows today, but the sun refused to cooperate.  I know I could have worked with lights, but I didn’t have time for that today.  The phase, “me and my shadow” kept rattling around in my head and I ended up posting a picture of “My Shadow”.  This is how she helps me fold laundry.  Yes, I took artistic license today.
  • For “Journal Your Christmas”, today’s journal prompt was about the colors of Christmas.  I think I love them all.  Red and green seem to be traditional, but royal blue and white are striking, while deep purple and burgundy seem regal.  And don’t forget gold and silver.  They are the sparkliest.  As you can tell I have a hard time choosing.
  • elf25 Christmas movies.  Mike and I watched “Elf”.  Now for the next couple of days Mike will spontaneously start humming “Baby It’s Cold Outside” and I will be looking for opportunities to use the phrase, “Cotton-headed ninny muggings”.

Until tomorrow,  Grace


“I may not follow you around like a shadow, but you know I don’t like to be apart from you.  Ever.”

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