A Month of Challenges – Day 1 (December 1)

Wow today was a busy, but really good, fun day.

  • 100_4165My December Daily picture and journal entry will be the story of decorating the tree at the zoo and this picture of Cathy, Carol and I.
  • 100_4171This picture is my entry for the iHeartFaces Photo Challenge.  The topic was a picture of me.
  • For “Journal Your Christmas” I am adding a story about getting together with some other friends tonight and having a gift exchange.
  • Nine Dog Christmas25 Christmas movies.  Mike and I watched Nine Dog Christmas. You had to know it would be a movie involving dogs. I won’t give away the ending, but let’s just say I didn’t know that dogs could fly :-). Woody and Ellie give it a ‘two paws up’.

Until tomorrow,  Grace




“Okay the movie was good, but there were some tense moments and I had to close my eyes.”











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