Pinterest 365 – Day 17 – Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner

It’s started to rain here in California and at my place when you combine dogs, our backyard and rain, you get muddy floors.  I clean our kitchen floor once a week, but during the rainy season, I have to clean it about 3 times a week.  On day 3 of my 31 days of committing to change, I shared about household chores (and how I really don’t like to do them).  Part of what has helped me stick to a cleaning plan has been a schedule as well as having all my cleaning equipment at the ready.

I am also on a quest to make all our household cleaners as chemical free as possible.  I already make laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent, a general household cleaner/degreaser and soap for us.  It’s more cost-effective and I just feel better knowing I can actually pronounce the names of the ingredients that are cleaning our home and our bodies.

All pins that have something to do with DIY cleaners catch my eye and this one was no different.  It was really simple and I was intrigued to see that it was featured on the website.  So here goes…

There were 4 ingredients:  vinegar, washing soda, liquid dish detergent and warm water.  I combined the first three ingredients and then added the water to the bucket.  The recipe produced a lot of cleaner so next time I’ll probably cut it in half.  I don’t have a very big kitchen floor, so half would do just fine.  The cleaner was very soft, not harsh at all on my hands, and before you know it, my floor was clean.  This isn’t a recipe you can make up in bulk, but if you have the ingredients at the ready, it’s really quick and simple to put it altogether.  Now I wonder which dog christen the floor with a muddy paw first???? 



“Momma, Roxy and I worked really hard to make that pattern of paw prints for you.  It’s how we express ourselves artistically.  Now we’ll just have to start over.”

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