Pinterest 365 – Day 5 – Super Hero Capes

A friend of mine asked me to make some Super Hero Capes for her grandkids, so I made my way over to my favorite research tool, Pinterest, and searched for Super Hero Capes for kids.  I found this tutorial from the Long Thread that is very well presented and just about the right instructional level for my skill.




I needed to create the pattern first; the tutorial just gives you measurements.  I used a piece of packing paper that had arrived with a Pampered Chef purchase.  (Flexing my repurposing/recycling muscles!)  Once I had the pattern set, I started cutting out the fabric.  I am making three, the first one you’re seeing here.  I cut out the kid’s initial in a contrasting color and ironed it on with Heat-n-Bond, then secured it with a straight stitch.  Then I sewed the red layer to a black lining layer (right sides together) and then turned the cape inside out.  I ironed my seams and then top stitched around the entire cape.  I used Velcro to secure the cape around the neck because it will rip apart easily in case the Super Heroes decide they need to remove their capes quickly  :-).

It was fun to work on this project and has re-ignited by love of sewing.  You may be seeing more sewing stuff soon.











“Super heroes? Well the only one I can think of is Woody.  If you have ever see him catch a tennis ball – you’d swear he’s flying through the air.  Hey mom, you should make him one of those capes with a big “W” on it.  He’d really like that.”


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