31 Days {Day 22} || Committing to Change – Procrastination

“I don’t feel like working on that project now.  I’ll do it later.”

“I’ll have plenty of time for that later.”

“I work better under pressure anyway.  I’ll do it later.”

I don’t know about you, but I seem to be in a constant battle with procrastination.  Even though all my posts prior to this have been about committing to completing projects and working daily on goals, I still wake up every day with this nagging notion that I don’t feel like getting started right away.  And it’s weird because once I get started, I’m all in.  It’s just the initial starting part.  I mean, I get stuff done, but not without an amount of stress and frustration.

I share this with you because it’s easy to write down a bunch of things you’re going to ‘do’ and talk about committing to change, but it’s much harder to accomplish.  Real life gets in the way of our dreams and aspirations and presents us with the cold hard fact of discipline.

Even this morning, I’ve been putting off this post, mostly because I wasn’t sure how to start, but mostly because it ‘felt’ like it was going to be a challenge.  My motivation was my commitment to this 31 day challenge and once I started it wasn’t bad at all.  I actually really enjoy writing every day so it’s a complete mystery to me why I would not want to just jump right in and get it done.

Part of the problem could be that our lives tend to be overscheduled with activity and what looks like procrastination is really our souls and bodies crying out for rest.  And we know that rest is as vital to health as exercise is, so why do we not rest?  Well, that question has many answers I’m sure and they’ll be different for every one.  For me, I’d say it’s because I like to keep busy, but I need to be better at giving myself permission to rest.  Maybe then I won’t procrastinate as much.

Do you battle with procrastination?

“Mom, this is how you rest.  And it helps if you have a really comfy pillow.”

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1 Response to 31 Days {Day 22} || Committing to Change – Procrastination

  1. Ed Lawson says:

    All the time. Thanks for sharing.

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