31 Days {Day 17} || Committing to Change – Lists

I love lists!  And I love to cross things off lists even more!  As I’ve been decluttering I’ve been finding scraps of paper containing many lists that I’ve made over the years.  I even found a list of 50 things I want to do before I turn 50.  I compiled this list just after I turned 41 and soon I’ll be 44.  So three years have passed, let’s see how I’m doing…

  1. create a scrapbook of my dogs (probably won’t do this because I’m doing Project Life)
  2. take more pictures (definitely doing that)
  3. setup my stamping website (not going to do this, but I have a pet sitting website and this blog)
  4. finish a quilt for our master bed (haven’t done, but still want to do)
  5. run a 5k (I’ve walked a couple, but not run one yet)
  6. read the New Testament through once per month for a year (have changed this to reading one chapter every day)
  7. celebrate our 25th anniversary (2013) (starting to think about ideas)
  8. create a scrapbook of Mike and me (once again, with Project Life, probably not going to do this)
  9. read/listen to one classic novel per year (I listened to Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen last year)
  10. run a 10K (walked one, but haven’t run yet)
  11. read Pride and Prejudice (not yet)
  12. learn a foreign language (can’t decide which one.  Any suggestions?)
  13. knit a lace shawl (bought a pattern and the yarn)
  14. weigh a healthy weight for my height (working on it)
  15. go camping (not yet)
  16. sew a tote bag (have several pinned on my Pinterest Bags and Totes board)
  17. run a half-marathon (walked the Great North Run, but have yet to run)
  18. create a family scrapbook (this probably won’t happen, especially because of Project Life)
  19. complete BSF series (I am one class away)
  20. organize my files (I think I meant our personal paperwork, and if I did, it’s not done yet)
  21. knit socks (does knitting with sock yarn count?)
  22. de-clutter the garage (have made progress, but need to dig deep and finish the job
  23. plant a garden and spend time in the garden daily (this will happen this year, starting with wildflowers)
  24. run a marathon (planning to do the Honolulu Marathon in 2013)
  25. cook from Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking (not yet.  Thought of this one after watching Julie & Julia)
  26. start playing pinochle or canasta on a regular basis (have plans to do this soon)
  27. exercise for 30 minutes 5 to 6 days/ week (doing it)
  28. paint the interior of the house (done!)
  29. knit Mike a sweater (have the pattern and the yarn, but want to wait until he finishes the marathon to see if I need to change sizes :-))
  30. run the Comrades (this really is a pipe dream, but I don’t want to lose hope)
  31. complete a “Dear Jane” Quilt (I will probably combine this with the quilt for the master bed)
  32. read the Old Testament through once every two months for a year (like the New Testament goal, I have changed this to reading one chapter every day)
  33. take a trip to South Africa (not sure when)
  34. walk around all the lakes in the Lake District (need to plan this when I’m there)
  35. save for wood floors (almost there, just waiting for flooring to go on sale)
  36. organize craft room (will be done by the end of the year)
  37. knit 1 square/week each year for KAS (need to catch up a bit, but pretty much on target)
  38. upload all my stash to Ravelry (working on it.  See my post about organizing my yarn)
  39. run 5 marathons before I turn 50 (this might be a stretch)
  40. quilt for Mike (no plans yet)
  41. secret project to be revealed after 2012 (didn’t happen.  Need to come up with another item)
  42. make dog beds (bought the fabric yesterday)
  43. go to the International Quilt Festival in Houston (still planning to)
  44. decorate the house for each season/holiday (dragging the fall decorations out this week)
  45. de-clutter and organize each room of the house (working on it)
  46. support two more compassion kids (we’re supporting Tom through Make Way Partners)
  47. setup an Etsy shop (coming soon to a blog near you :-))
  48. support 18 micro enterprises through KIVA.org (53 loans and counting.  Such a blessing to do this)
  49. make a gingerbread house (plan to this Christmas)
  50. go on a mission trip to Africa (maybe to help at Knit-a-Square?)

Most of these items are still relevant and some have even been worked on.  I love to dream about the possibilities that are out there and think about how to best live the life I’ve been given.  I also need to write these things down because my memory is terrible.

Lists are great for efficient organizing.  There is nothing more exhilarating than coming up with a plan, figuring out the steps, writing those steps down and then systematically crossing them off the list.  (I know you’re thinking, ‘Wow this girl must be fun at parties!’)  I even have an annual membership to ListPlanIt a website that has lists for everything!

As much as I have an affection for lists (okay an obsession), I do know that they are merely a tool to help me accomplish my goals.  Making lists is great fun, but doing the stuff on the lists is even better.

Do you make lists? 

“We’re concerned.  Where’s the ‘walk dogs twice a day and increase treats’ item on your list?”

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2 Responses to 31 Days {Day 17} || Committing to Change – Lists

  1. trimitup says:

    Grace, you are an inspiration!

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