Day 2 {Make Madness} – Embossed brads

Make MadnessDay 2 of Make Madness – Embossed Brads




d7833247d9534fe465c57a326ff6c6a4I often use brads in my card making and when I came across this tutorial on Pinterest for changing the colors and giving dimension to brads, I just had to give it a try.

This gives me so many color options and lets me use up brads that I’ve been passing by because I’m not a fan of the color.

The tutorial also gives instructions for adding glitter as well.  Now that I definitely have to try.

Come back tonight to see how I did.

Until this evening,






Is all this embossing and glittering in preparation for my birthday?  Blue’s my favorite color.  Just sayin’.

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Day 1 {Make Madness} – Part 2 – Words & Washi Tape

Make Madness

Day 1 – Words & Washi Tape



feb9889685b606cd1a34192a9cf2cd4aI followed the instructions in this tutorial with mixed results.  01f727be9d1aecd0ec85fdc5adbe7a658b1b5a84ac

I printed lines of “thank you” and “” in different fonts.  I made sure to bold the fonts to ensure the maximum amount of ink on my paper.

01ad19f1b9ed1079bcaac72ec3f3e86de8dd4f2f33I chose a selection of washi tape rolls staying away from dark prints.  Even with the light prints, though, the letters were super light through the washi tape.  Although the tutorial didn’t say to do this, I used a bone folder to make sure the tape was pressed flat against the lettering.  I’m not sure I needed to do this because it resulted in pulling up the paper with one line of tape.  It’s sufficient to just secure the tape with your finger.








I used a piece of freezer paper to store the pieces of tape with words for future use.  This was fun to try, but really didn’t have the results I was hoping for.  I might try using black dye ink and my alphabet/word stamps to stamp phrases on top of the washi tape.  It may not look as neat as printed type, but it will be more visible.

Until tomorrow,






I’m not the craftiest dog around, but maybe you could also try white ink on the black dog paw washi tape you have?  I know that’s your favorite washi tape.

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Day 1 {Make Madness} – Words & Washi Tape

Make MadnessWith this blog series, I’ll be posting twice a day.  There will be a morning post and an evening post.  The first post will describe what I plan to work on and the second post will show how I did.


So without further adieu – Day 1 of Make Madness – Words & Washi Tape

feb9889685b606cd1a34192a9cf2cd4aI can’t remember when I was introduced to washi tape, but it didn’t take long for me to develop a genuine love for this versatile product.  It’s definitely a product that is ‘collectible’, but it’s even more fun to use.

I came across this tutorial on Pinterest that shows how to apply words to your washi tape.  I love to add little touches to cards and envelopes and to the packages I send off through my Etsy shop.  When I saw this tutorial I thought I’d like to give it a go.

Come back tonight to see how I did.
Until this evening,






You know my birthday’s coming up.  You could print “Happy 13th Birthday Woody” on some tape and use it to wrap my presents.  Just a suggestion.

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Paws || Walk On – 2.22 – 3.7

Every now and then when I’m walking dogs, I will just stop, ask them to sit for about 30 seconds and then I will say “walk on”. That is there cue to start walking again. I do this for a couple of reasons: 1. They’re super focused when they’re on the walk and I like to know I can get their attention any time I need it. 2. It’s good to continue to incorporate training into their daily routines. Just as we need to continue to refine our skills, so must dogs.

This always reminds me how important it is for me to pause and reflect on the past week and then think about the next one as I “walk on”.

Paws | Week of 2.22-2.28

• wasn’t able to talk with my grandpa this week because he wasn’t feeling well.
• watched the Oscars with family.
• continued tidying my craft room.  Setup a section for all my inks.
• finished February’s Photo-a-DayIMG_2987.
• met for coffee and knitting with friends.
• started reading Scary Close by Dan Miller.
• walked the dogs almost everyday.  Decided to keep track of our walks on a calendar.  So far for 2015: 56 out of 59.
• started a Ripple Crochet Blanket for a wedding gift.
01155186f43602eca1bd1bb0336efa46e2dce65c7d_00001• still working on Margaret’s scarf.
• finished prepping for taxes.
• taking care of a friend’s dog.

Walk On | Week of 3.1-3.7

• call my Grandpa in England.
• knit and drink coffee with friends.
• keep up with the Photo-a-day challenge for March.
• mail pet bed pillow insert for an Etsy order.
• continue to work on Margaret’s scarf.
• need to make and post cards from January Card Series || Cards for 2015 in my Etsy shop.
• repeat the #clutterfree30 challenge.
• go to Pinterest party with friends.
• continue to organize my craft room.  You’re probably wondering when I’ll be done with this.  Me too.
• continue reading Scary Close by Donald Miller.
• work on Quest46.
• work on and post projects for MakeMadness.

My favorite quote from the week:  “Start being afraid of what could go wrong, and focus on what could go right.”  Unknown.

Have a wonderful week,





I’d like to point out that dogs make up more than 50% of the pictures in your February Photo-a-Day calendar.  Don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining, I think it’s cool.  (And, by the way, I’m really good at math.)

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Make Madness begins tomorrow

As long as I can remember, I’ve loved to make things.  My earliest memory was when I was 4 and my mom bought me a set of sewing cards.  I loved drawing and coloring – getting the big box of Crayola Crayons for Christmas is still a vivid memory.  I remember making paper projects with rubber cement.  I also remember my youngest brother using the rubber cement to lacquer one of my dolls.

grace's blanket2The other day I was talking with my mom about favorite childhood memories and one of the clearest, happiest ones I have is when she took me to the local wool shop to buy a skein of yarn for my first crochet blanket.  I still remember the basket holding all the yummy, colorful skeins of yarn.

Make Madness








The blog series during the month of March will be called “Make Madness”.  This is my version of March Madness and I give my husband all the credit for coming up with the name.

My goal is to make something every day during the month of March.  The project will either be a craft I’ve never tried or a different spin on a craft I’m familiar with.

I have no plans for any specific giveaways, but I do encourage you to follow along because in my ‘making madness’ I might experience some ‘giveaway madness’ every now and then.

Until tomorrow,






Would any of your ‘madness’ projects be for us?

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Saturday Snippets | February 28, 2015

Welcome to Saturday Snippets.  This is where I share links and odd bits of info from the past week.

1. Ever want to develop a habit?  Give this a try:  Tiny Habits.  I just finished a week of working on 3 habits: 1.  drinking more water 2. keeping the kitchen clean 3. setting up my workout video.  I’m amazed how easy it’s been – and effective.

2.  Such inspiration!

3.  Really enjoying Season 3 of SherlockSherlock.




4.  I love that the first book they use is entitled, “Before the Fall”.

5.  I am constantly inspired by Wilna Furstenberg’s work.

Well that’s all the snippets I have for today.  Have a wonderful Saturday,






I have a habit –   every time mom finishes her yogurt bowl, I lick the spoon.

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Quest46 – Update #3

It’s been exactly three months since my Quest46 started.  {If you’re new to my blog, Quest46 is a group of 46 goals I gave myself for the next 365 days (or 273 as of today).  You can read about it here.}

Observations after three months:

  • I wrote in my last update that I love the cumulative affect of working on things every day.  I often feel the compulsion ‘to be done’ with things and that’s not possible for most of my Quest46 items.  I’m discovering that this really hard-wired into my personality, but it’s a good exercise in perseverance.
  • I’m learning to go easy on myself when I miss a self-imposed goal.  Hey life throws you curve balls and I have to keep everything in perspective.
  • Being aware of these commitments I’ve made is making me mindful of projects that will present themselves in the future.  I’m working really hard at learning to say ‘no’ graciously.  I was improving, but suffered a set back when I added a wedding gift project and an event at my church.  I feel good about my decisions so we’ll see how it goes.
  • I’ve managed to pick up my pace, but I’m planning a blog series for March and may experience some setbacks ;-).

I’ve written the entire list along with current progress.

1. Memorize Psalm 91.  Continuing to memorize.  I have the first five verses under my belt.  I wish I could say this is getting easier, but I’m terrible at memorization.  I’m still amazed at how God uses each recitation to reveal more about who He is.
2. Lose the rest of my weight and increase my fitness.  I’m down a few pounds.  Increasing my exercise and varying it by adding strength training and stretching seems to be helping.
3. Find and implement new ways to honor Mike daily.  I’m doing better at keeping our place tidy.  Now I want to work on making sure dinner is ready when he gets home.  He’s so awesome about fixing dinner after a long day’s work, but I’d rather have it prepared for him so he can just relax.  We’ll see how it goes.  He really is the better cook.
4. Make albums for each dog.   I found the albums I want to use. Still working on pulling out pictures and sorting them into folders.
5. Crochet a Ripple Blanket.  Ordered and received the yarn for this project.  The ripple has begun.
6. Plant a vegetable garden.  Sometime in spring.  A dear friend already started me off with some vegetable seeds and seed pots.  I need to start preparing my planters.
7. Journal 52.  I am about two weeks behind.  I’ll take some pictures soon and post them.
8. Read 24 new books.  Have chosen 21 of the 24.  Here’s the 21:  The God Ask (done), Manage Your Day to Day (done), Handmade Market Place, Lore of Running, Outlander #1, The Pilgrim’s Progress, Yarn to Go, Jock of the Bushveld, Dear Mr. Knightly, How to be the Leader of the Pack, The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference, Animals Make Us Human: Creating the Best Life for Animals, Lady Susan, The Scent of Water: Grace for Every Kind of Broken, White Fang, Unbroken (done), Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail, The Go-Getter, The Artist’s Way, Yes Please (done), Scary Close
9. Make a scarf for Margaret.  Here’s the pattern, started a month ago with the intention of sending it to her for her birthday in January, but discovered a major mistake and ripped out 30 rows.  I’m not entirely sure when it will be done, but it will be before November 24, 2015.
10. Make birthday cards for family and friends.  Finished November, December and January, February.  Working on March and April.
11. Send two “thinking of you gifts” every month.  Gift #1 done, Gift #2 done, Gifts #3-11 done.
12. Complete 6 online classes.  Still need to do this.  First one scheduled for March 1, 2015.
13. Start a 5 year – daily, one-line journal.  Started and love it.
14. Learn how to make paper.  Probably during the summer.
15. Make Christmas stockings.  This is one of those Christmas one’s that will be for next year.  Don’t worry, the doggies will still get plenty of treats ;-).
16. Learn 12 new recipes.  #1 complete.  Pumpkin Pie (low carb)  #2 complete.  Creme Brulee (low carb)
17. Learn how to weave.  Sometime this year.
18. Record 12 card making video tutorials.  Start this in the new year.  Dabbling with the idea of making this a series.  Just dabbling.
19. Make a smaller soap box and make different scented soaps every month.  Soap can be temperamental in colder climates.  I’m waiting for the days to warm up a bit.  Mike had to resort to store bought.  Uhhggg!
20. Paint Kitchen Cabinets.  Looking to do this in June, 2015.
21. Learn how to dye with natural ingredients.  Waiting for springtime.
22. Work 52 items off “My Todo’s” Board on Pinterest. Completed 6, but need to step up my game. #1 I made paper beads using old books, bead cores and Utee Ultra Thick Embossing Resin.  #2   I made dog collars for a friend’s dog.  #3  Homemade Soft Scrub Cleaner #4  Made Valentine heart wreath with dyed coffee filters.  #5   Made homemade mosquito repellent.  Smelled good, but didn’t work.  #6   Made dog chew toys.  These were super popular.
23. Make mini-albums of dogs for Christmas presents.  I’ve changed my mind again.  I’m back to the mini-album idea and doing it for next year.
24. Make Mike a Dr. Who Quilt.  Starting in March, 2015.
25. Start a fairy garden.  Going to wait for spring.  Started a Pinterest board to curate ideas.
26. Paint patio furniture.  Scheduled for July, 2015.
019673100d9134c99464e5e0c6d8a7e7fc378f1edb27. Plant a cutting garden.  Spring, 2015.  Did get a head start on planting a flower with my amaryllis. 
28. Make dog biscuit gift bags for Christmas.  This was going to be a Valentine gift, but that didn’t happen.  I’m switching back to Christmas 2015 because I found some cute containers when I was organizing my craft room. Still don’t think the dogs will mind.
29. Complete all the achievements of the 7 Minute Workout.  Started this and loving it.
30. Beat my time in the Urban Cow Half Marathon.  Increased my walking mileage, but going to wait to start running.  Had a bit of a set back with some diabetes medicine and need to get back on track before I start adding intense exercise.
31. Finish Central Park Hoodie.  Found the project, but I’m waiting until I’m done with Margaret’s scarf to start this.
32. Read through the Bible. 1 chapter per day.  Started this on January 1, 2015. Got waylaid last week, but will catch up this week.  Up to Genesis 48.
33. Make birds for wall tree.  The first birds will appear on the Valentine’s tree.  Post to come.  The birds didn’t appear.  I’m thinking they’re be here for Easter.
34. Declutter and decorate Master Bedroom.  Started decluttering using the method found in the book “The life-changing magic of tidying up” by Marie Kondo.
35. Make Cloth Art Journal.  Scheduled for the summer.
36. Learn to knit socks.  Found the pattern and the class.  Will wait until Central Park Hoodie is finished (31).
37. Work on Project Life every week.  Trying to carve out Sunday afternoons for this and not being very successful.  I’m already a month behind, but I’ve been keeping track of journaling throughout the week.
38. Transcribe Da’s tapes.  Started listening to them, but need to carve out focused time to take notes.
39. Make dog beds. Came up with a better plan for my Etsy shop.  They’re now a ‘Made To Order’ item so now I’m prepping the material, but waiting for the order before I make the beds.  This new system is saving me time and potentially supplies.
40. Pray for my nieces and nephews.  Everyday.  I’m really enjoying this.
41. Add a new item every month to Etsy shop to build variety and inventory.  I haven’t added a new item every month, but I’m adding hand crafted cards to my inventory.
42. Put together a team for the local SPCA Doggie Dash in June.  Will begin in March, 2015.
43. Photo-a-day using the Collect App.  Love this app.  Here’s December, 2014 and January, 2015.


44. Read Pride and Prejudice.  Will begin this in the new year.
45. Knit 1 square per week for Knit-a-square. I have 6 finished.  Should have 12 finished.  Got some knittin’ to do.
46. Be a better blogger and blog-reader. Post consistently. Comment regularly.  Work on this everyday.  Really pleased with my {31 Days of Cards} Series.

Until next time,




01f4bbd001226633b1e257cd0831b80922b3e78fdeI know you made the chew toy for Pippin, but I’d really like one too.

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