Day 25 – DIY Soft Scrub Cleanser – {DIY From Scratch}

Today I did make a scrub, but instead of a tile and grout scrub, I made a DIY Soft Scrub Cleanser.  I’m sure I’ll be able to use this on our tile shower as well.

Our white, porcelain kitchen sink is about 25-years-old (yes, we’re due for a new one).  It has two sides and the left side has always plagued me with staining around the drain.  If I wait too long between scrubbings the stain can build up and be a bear to remove. This is where I find myself today.

I’ve used the commercial brand Soft Scrub before and really like it, but since I’m on the DIY, no chemicals tack, I thought I would try to make my own.  And here’s how I did.

homemade-soft-scrub-2I found this tutorial at OneGoodThingByJillee for DIY Soft Scrub Cleanser.  I mixed the ingredients and started scrubbing.  This is a solution you want to use right away and the amount is just right for the size of a sink.


I have some before and after photos (sort of).

Here are the before photos:

DIY Soft Scrub Cleanser Left Before

Left Side of Sink

DIY Soft Scrub Cleanser Right Before

Right Side of Sink









Now here are the after pictures:

DIY Soft Scrub Cleanser

Left Side of Sink

DIY Soft Scrub Cleanser After

Right Side of Sink









I am really happy with how the right side cleaned up.  I’m not so happy with the left side and I’m not blaming the cleanser.  I’m blaming myself for letting the sink get to this state.  I decided to leave the scrub on overnight to see if that makes a difference.  I might have to bust out the bleach.   Let’s hope not.

Until tomorrow,






Don’t worry about the sink mom.  The way I see it, if you’re always cleaning then you’re not taking us on walks, making dog biscuits and playing ball with us.  I say, “More Walks – Less Chores”.

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Paws || Walk On – 4.19 – 5.2

Every now and then when I’m walking dogs, I will just stop, ask them to sit for about 30 seconds and then I will say “walk on”. That is there cue to start walking again. I do this for a couple of reasons: 1. They’re super focused when they’re on the walk and I like to know I can get their attention any time I need it. 2. It’s good to continue to incorporate training into their daily routines. Just as we need to continue to refine our skills, so must dogs.

This always reminds me how important it is for me to pause and reflect on the past week and then think about the next one as I “walk on”.

Paws | Week of 4.19-4.25

• spoke to my grandpa this week.
Gerber Daisy• can’t get enough of the flowers we see on our walks in the neighborhood.
• watching West Wing again (for the 3rd time).  Yes, it’s that good.
• almost finished reading Platform by Michael Hyatt. It’s a meaty book and I’m taking notes.
• continued April photo-a-day challenge.
• still wearing my boot. One week + two more weeks.  Received the x-ray results of my foot this week.  Bone spurs and arthritis!  No wonder my foot hurts.
• got my hair cut.
• finished reading Death of an Outsider by M.C. Beaton.
Birds Doodle• Doodled everyday with the a 100 day project.  My favorite from the week.  I call it ‘Birds’.
• started reading Aunt Dimity’s Death by Nancy Atherton.
• walked the dogs.  Decided to keep track of our walks on a calendar.  So far for 2015: 98 out of 117.
• skyped and knit with my friend my San Diego.
• continued my April blog series, {DIY From Scratch}.
• continued with the Ripple Crochet Blanket for a wedding gift.
01155186f43602eca1bd1bb0336efa46e2dce65c7d_00001• still working on Margaret’s scarf.


Walk On | Week of 4.26-5.2

• call my Grandpa in England.
• knit and drink coffee with friends.
• continue with the Photo-a-day challenge for April.
• start on ideas for Mother’s Day.
• continue to work on Margaret’s scarf.
• need to make and post cards from January Card Series || Cards for 2015 in my Etsy shop.  Been waylaid by Spring Cleaning, but now with the bum foot I could get this done.
• POSTPONE the mini Spring clean of my house.
• continue reading Aunt Dimity’s Death by Nancy Atherton.
• start prepping for Mike’s Dr. Who Quilt.
• make soap.
• pay bills.
• start prepping for May blog posts and projects.
• finish a couple of super easy baby quilts.
• continue to make the Ripple Crochet Blanket for a wedding gift.
• continue to organize my craft room.  You’re probably wondering when I’ll be done with this.  Me too.
• Skype and knit with a friend.
• finish reading Platform by Michael Hyatt.
• work on Quest46.
• work on and post projects for {DIY From Scratch}

My favorite quote from the week:  “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”  Eleanor Roosevelt.

Have a wonderful week,





We’re hoping you’re going to being doing some DIY dog biscuit making this week.  Pleeeeeaaaassssseeeee……

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Day 24 – Microwave Bowl Cozy – {DIY From Scratch}

DIY Soap Scum RemoverYesterday I made, what I called, a Soap Scum Cleaner.  In reality, it should be called the Most Fantastic, Amazing, Incredible Soap Scum Remover Ever.

Here are the results.  The left photo is the before and the right photo is the after.  Notice you really can’t see the tile work in the left picture.

Shower Door BeforeShower Door After








The recipe made about 16 oz of solution and I used half of the bottle on two of these glass doors.  No noxious fumes, cost about 75 cents, took 2 minutes to prepare and WORKED!

I know I said yesterday that I was going to make a tile and grout scrub, but I made a microwave bowl cozy instead.  I’ll do the scrub tomorrow.

Microwave Bowl Cozy 1Microwave Bowl Cozy 3I have a group of friends that wanted to make these bowl cozies for Christmas gifts so I found this excellent video tutorial, made a prototype and taught my friends how to make this handy bowl.

Microwave Bowl Cozy 2The bowl cozy is one of those projects that looks complicated, but really isn’t.  It’s helpful if you know how to sew, but even someone just learning could make this fabric bowl.  The bowl is reversible, washable and can be used for more purposes than holding bowls.

Microwave Bowl Cozy 4My bowl was made using 10″ squares.  It holds a cereal bowl, but the tutorial also has measurements for two larger bowl cozies.  While it’s not shown on this tutorial, I know there are other places on the internet where you can learn how to custom size your cozy to fit your own bowls.


Until tomorrow,






You know what would fit really nicely in your bowl cozy?  Those DIY treat you’re going to make.  Woody’s been talking…

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Saturday Snippets | April 25, 2015

Welcome to Saturday Snippets.  This is where I share links and odd bits of info from the past week.

1.  I need to get the dogs into some hobbies.  Maybe painting….

2. It’s crossed my mind.  When Ellie gazes into my eyes, is she thinking, “mom, I love you” or “I really want a cookie”.  Now there’s research suggesting that our dogs really do love us back.

3.  I need to get one of these.

4. In addition to getting into some hobbies, Woody, Ellie and Mindy need to work on their meal etiquette.

5. Dogs vs. Invisible Doors.

Well that was the Dog Edition of Saturday Snippets.  Have a wonderful rest of your day,






Hey we have hobbies… we like to walk, play, eat, sleep… what more is there?

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Day 23 – Soap Scum Cleaner – {DIY From Scratch}

01ede7bfd0b6bd87516849ad4368a8c17c9b95d928I’ve been using the DIY Daily Shower Cleaner for several weeks now and it’s doing a wonderful job, but it doesn’t take the place of actually cleaning the shower.  Darn!

So today, I made a Soap Scum Cleaner for our glass shower doors.  Tomorrow (spoiler alert), I’ll be whipping up a batch of tile and grout scrub.

There’s no shortage of fun around my house these days!

3I found this tutorial over at LifeCraftsAndWhatever which explains how to mix white vinegar and Dawn dishwashing liquid to create a soap scum remover.  I’ll have before and after photos tomorrow because you need to leave the mixture on overnight.

I’m on my way to amassing a collection of DIY cleaners that will take care of all the cleaning needs we have.  It’s nice to know that they actually work, take minutes to prepare, cost pennies and don’t give off noxious fumes.

Until tomorrow,






You know what I’m not seeing?  DIY Dog Biscuits.  You only have 6 more days.  Just sayin’.

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Day 22 – Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner – {DIY From Scratch}

DIY Household CleanersIn the DIY Daily Shower Cleaner post, I mentioned that cleaning showers was not my thing.  Well neither are toilets. Yet, and I think we can all agree, they are modern conveniences that we are incredibly grateful for and need to maintain.

So today, I cleaned my toilets with a new Toilet Bowl Cleaner!

I found this great graphic with recipes for several ‘green’ cleaners.  Eventually I’ll try all the cleaners except for the granite cleaner because we don’t have any granite.

DIY Natural Toilet Bowl CleanerI poured the ingredients for the Toilet Bowl Cleaner directly into the toilet bowl because as you know vinegar and baking soda create a bit of a ‘volcano’ effect and I didn’t want that mess all over my counter.  When added directly to the water in the toilet bowl, there’s a bit of a fizziness, but nothing that causes a great reaction.  I swished the solution and set my timer for 30 minutes at which time I needed to pee.  I think that’s Murphy’s Law. (And, yes, I managed to take a shadow selfie in the toilet bowl!  My photography skills leave a lot to be desired. ;-) )

{Public Service Announcement}
If your dogs and/or cats like to drink out of the toilet bowl, then I’d close the door while the cleaner is working. I think that goes without saying regardless of what cleaner you use.

I’m really pleased with the results.  I plan to make a batch of the General Purpose Cleaner to clean the rest of the toilet and bathroom.

Until tomorrow,









Mom, we would never drink out of the toilet.  Now, Woody on the other hand….

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Day 21 – Floor Grease Cutter Cleaner – {DIY From Scratch}

I’ve never really been a mop person.  I’ve always wanted to be one, but never understood the attraction.  That all being said I still need to clean my floors, but I do it with a bucket and sponge (although these days I use my handmade dish cloths).

I’ve used Mop-n-Glo for years, but like most household cleaners, it can be pricey and full of chemicals.  Today I added a DIY floor cleaning solution to my household cleaners arsenal.

Floor Grease Cutter CleanerI found this tutorial at of all places.  The recipe details how to make a floor cleaner that is a grease cutter as well.  I have a before and after comparison and am pleased with the results.  {DISCLAIMER:  Our floors are 25-year-old laminate and have stood up to 5 dogs and 2 adults for that long.  There are nicks and the style is dated, but it cleans up really well.}









Thanks for stopping by.  I’m off to lather on some Homemade Shea Butter Lotion on my hands. ;)

Until tomorrow,




Picture 557


Remember when I was a puppy and I used to run on your clean floors with my muddy paws?  Fun times.

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